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crazyhot 21 August 2018  
Tell Grizzlies she was wrong
Your_Worst_Nightmare 21 August 2018  
Er, pardon?
Grizzlies 13 July 2018  
Crazyhot was asking so he knows which mod commented on his report of pussydestroyer!!!!
Your_Worst_Nightmare 13 July 2018  
Oh. Uh... Okay.
crazyhot 11 July 2018  
Your_Worst_Nightmare 11 July 2018  
? Why?
crazyhot 7 July 2018  
who else but you still mods
Your_Worst_Nightmare 7 July 2018  
As far as I know, no one. :/
thePhantom 6 December 2015  
there are some "Appeals" pending in K.net...can you do your job and make some sort of
official ruling or does that moderator title mean nothing.

Management account which oversees a number of clubs was banned for no reason whatsoever,
no violation of the Kupika Handbook.

Are the rules even meaningful anymore??
Your_Worst_Nightmare 6 December 2015  
You're acting like I'm just ignoring these.
Take into account my personal life.
I don't log into Kupika as often as I would like because I am busy.
Yes, I'd love to be the lone active mod, but the truth is that life calls and I have to
work so I can pay my rent and feed myself and MAYBE, just maybe, pay off my debt enough to
go back to school. I love Kupika, but ultimately, my life is more important than a

I don't appreciate the harassment because you're pissy about a mod other than myself doing
something you think is out-of-line. Talk to that mod, not me.
Assassin1 1 December 2015  
Do you have any integrity at all? 

Your_Worst_Nightmare 1 December 2015  
I don't know enough about the situation.
I would grant the appeal if and only if it can be proven that the oekaki was set as
"mature", which is basically the NSFW "tag" for Kupika.
If not, then I'm not going to do anything since I don't even really know who did it or
what happened.
primwhitewolf 16 September 2015  
Have you seen Ant-Man yet?  If not you should see it.  It was amazing.
Your_Worst_Nightmare 16 September 2015  
I did, yes.
primwhitewolf 27 August 2015  
Would you rather watch the divergent series or the Hunger Games movies?
Your_Worst_Nightmare 27 August 2015  
primwhitewolf 19 August 2015  
Why are you so cool?
Your_Worst_Nightmare 19 August 2015  
I'm not, but thank you?
Jolestio 20 December 2014  
You're welcome! :D

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