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‹***The_Real_Sophie~♥~***› 29 August 2017  
I just wanted to be a part of your Q&A so hi bitch... uhm bye *vanishes*
Thel0s7One 29 August 2017  
Well that was fast o.o
pussydestroyer 9 July 2017  
i have only just figured out that ur username is meant to say "the lost one"
i've been reading it as "the iOS 7 one" for years
oh my god
Thel0s7One 9 July 2017  
Lol well thats defiantly the first time I've heard that one.
‹totodile› 10 September 2016  
HEY so my internet browser is being a dick and????? i  dont know what to do about it and
it's not letting the send message button appear for you so that's why i havent replied
Thel0s7One 10 September 2016  
lol cx alright.
‹psychosocial› 18 December 2014  
Just wanted to say I love you baby <3
Thel0s7One 18 December 2014  
aww c: I love you too hun <3
Monsters_In_My_Head 16 November 2014  
-Gives Cookie-
Thel0s7One 16 November 2014  
yay c: cookie!! thank you
Monsters_In_My_Head 16 November 2014  
Hey you With the face :P
Thel0s7One 16 November 2014  
me? o.o
‹psychosocial› 18 October 2014  
mew x.x
Thel0s7One 18 October 2014  
mew cx
‹psychosocial› 12 October 2014  
Thel0s7One 12 October 2014  
hey there c:
‹psychosocial› 9 September 2014  
mew owo
Thel0s7One 9 September 2014  
lol kitty c: *hugs*
‹psychosocial› 31 August 2014  
come sex me xD
Thel0s7One 31 August 2014  
lol have you been a good girl cx

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