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Meowcity17 23 September 2017  
What's your fav two Holidays?!
Ivanhoe 23 September 2017  
Thanksgiving and Xmas....
and Halloween
kayleeramm1004 20 August 2017  
This is me spamming you! :D lol
Ivanhoe 20 August 2017  
   Anytime XD
kayleeramm1004 20 August 2017  
Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :D I can spam you, right?? xD lol
Ivanhoe 20 August 2017  
?? What do you mean
‹Jazzy ♡› 11 June 2017  
I miss you
Ivanhoe 11 June 2017  
???   seriously?
exxhausted 5 March 2017  
n    o
Ivanhoe 5 March 2017  
hmmmm  n  o                
                     not once or not once   or not over      or not  well OK     or not oh
fine...  I like not oK  ;p                 
   either way, it's cool......................
ATerribleNightmare 2 October 2016  
I remember you
Ivanhoe 2 October 2016  
I hope they are good memories  
pengu1nz 20 January 2016  
questions / comments / testimonials
Ivanhoe 20 January 2016  
??   I didn't see any questions
Darksweats 20 September 2015  
Do you like soju?
Ivanhoe 20 September 2015  
never had it
ClaireDanvers 17 January 2015  
How is it that I leave kupika for a few days and you are the only one to email me and
You are to sweet :P Glad to have found a friend like you :3
Ivanhoe 17 January 2015  
‹Jazzy ♡› 4 January 2015  
You in luck!!! I love swimming, rugby, I have THREE big dogs, I'm intelligent and I'm
smoking hot 
Ivanhoe 4 January 2015  
omg!    I swim, play rugby, have a big dog and love smoking hot!!                        
   ypu are perfect!!!

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