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SanstheSkeledemon2034 28 July 2020  
it's ok....hopefully we'll meet again
IntelligentBeauty 7 days ago  

If you're ever able to make a Discord account, please join us!

https://discord.gg/DzuETHF  <--- write down this link
SanstheSkeledemon2034 27 July 2020  
i don't wanna lose you too bestie.....*hugs tightly* T~T
IntelligentBeauty 27 July 2020  
I'm sorry, friend. )':
SanstheSkeledemon2034 27 July 2020  
if u have a ps4 please add me ;-;
IntelligentBeauty 27 July 2020  
I unfortunately don't have a PS4. ):
SanstheSkeledemon2034 27 July 2020  
hey bestie,imma miss u! *hugs tightly*
IntelligentBeauty 27 July 2020  
I'm gonna miss you too!
crazyhot 8 July 2020  
IntelligentBeauty 8 July 2020  
Stop making fun of me. )))):<
‹Prince Devitt› 23 March 2020  
Sorry for askin’ you such a difficult question haha. But yeah, she’s great! You’ve
ever been to any of her  concerts?
IntelligentBeauty 23 March 2020  
I haven't, unfortunately. I've actually never been to a concert. I need to checkmark that
off my bucket list one day.
‹Prince Devitt› 17 March 2020  
What’s your favorite Mary J. Blige song?
IntelligentBeauty 17 March 2020  
You don't realize how hard of a question this is, my dude. I have so many, oh my God.

If I absolutely had to choose, it would be "Ain't Really Love."

Or "Rainy Dayz."
Or "Be Without You," haha.
‹COL♥SSIANS› 17 March 2020  
xD I absolutely forgot how to send letters to people who don't have the link on their

So i'm absolutely gob smacked. This site is still around? and second, there was SOMEONE
ONLINE 44MINUTES AGO? 3rd, there are new members?
I'd like to find out whose still running things around here? What's the latest?

Could ya send me a letter? thanks♥
IntelligentBeauty 17 March 2020  
Haha, sorry! The only way to do it is if you have the direct link (e.g.
http://kupika.com/correspond.php?id=IntelligentBeauty) or if you checkmark "disable custom
member skins" under Options and go to their profile.

I know, it's weird, huh? The new members are mostly bots though, lol.

Hina is still the one "running things," but he also hasn't logged in for two years. He
came on to tell us that he was removing PicStream because of cost and then dipped.
As for the mods/Hina's Helpers, the only one who is still somewhat active is
Your_Worst_Nightmare, but she hasn't logged in since September.

I'll send you a letter ASAP. (:
SanstheSkeledemon2034 16 March 2020  
lets chat meh friend
IntelligentBeauty 16 March 2020  
I'll send you a message ASAP, good sir.
SanstheSkeledemon2034 15 March 2020  
IntelligentBeauty 15 March 2020  

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