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‹Aeternum Vale› 1 June 2017  
I'll accept that
love u <3
‹Prince-Mew› 1 June 2017  
please don't talk to me
‹Aeternum Vale› 30 May 2017  
if ur profile is from when you were 13, I apologise so hard
I thought you were a genuine grown ass adult who was really cringe and I'm a terrible
person and have to bully the weirdos
Soz <3
‹Prince-Mew› 30 May 2017  
-squints harder-
You're still a fucko imo
‹Aeternum Vale› 12 May 2017  
you are by far the most autistic person on this site
‹Prince-Mew› 12 May 2017  
what now?
insanelittlekitty 2 May 2017  
Who do you play most on overwatch?
I play Phara, Tracer, Mei, D.Va, Mercy and sometimes Lucio.
‹Prince-Mew› 2 May 2017  
McCree, Reaper, D.Va, Lucio
insanelittlekitty 25 April 2017  
Saw the add and was curious, what do you play overwatch on?
I play on PC
‹Prince-Mew› 25 April 2017  
i play on pc too
siatwin 31 January 2013  
I literally just realized.
that you are the mun of ask-the-traveling-cat.
Oh my fucking god.
‹Prince-Mew› 31 January 2013  
Elitesweets 14 August 2012  
Oh god you're Italy.
‹Prince-Mew› 14 August 2012  
JoJon 14 February 2012  
Happy Val's Day
‹Prince-Mew› 14 February 2012  
Thank you c:
merry 7 January 2012  
I'm sorry, I don't remember, but were we having an art-trade, or was it
that you requested from me? I have terrible memory. Enlighten me, please? Maybe it was
someone else.. :x
‹Prince-Mew› 7 January 2012  
We had an art trade X'D
Don't worry deary you got it right c:
‹Alpha Bri› 28 December 2011  
I read that one! It was awesome! Germany was the uke!
‹Prince-Mew› 28 December 2011  
lol XD
I wanna read it now o3o

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