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greendreams 8 November 2016  
how dare u ban eddibehr LOLOL.
Grizzlies 8 November 2016  
just doing my mod duties B)
omnipotent 17 October 2016  
did you hear
that stupid sam girl banned some innocent dude for drawing a nipple
Grizzlies 17 October 2016  
why are your panties in a bunch?
rem 2 November 2015  
im cool too you autistic fuck :\
Grizzlies 2 November 2015  
u scottish
keeptellingmenothing 29 October 2015  
are you 11 yet
Grizzlies 29 October 2015  
have u even read my profile or are u just thirsty
highexpectations 2 September 2015  
Grizzlies 2 September 2015  
sorry i don't speak loser pls translate!!
highexpectations 2 September 2015  
why are you inserting ugly emojis, just insert your face

Grizzlies 2 September 2015  
I was going to insert MY DICK
but the file was too big to upload ((((:
‹stickyvaporeon› 31 August 2015  
hahahah... "I wish my mom would let me be emo" 
what the fuuuuck 

"mom can I be emo" 
"because then you'd be a pseudo-bisexual who pretends to be suicidal for attention" 
"no mom it's about expressing the darkness in my soul" 
"what darkness? you're like twelve"
"mom I'm thirteen" 
"I knew that" 
"I'm not like those other kids" 
"those fucking preps" 
"if you clean your room I'll drive you to hot topic" 
"what the fuck mom why do I have to earn the right to express myself god you're such a
fucking bitch fuck you you don't even understand me no one understands my dark, twisted,
complicated mysterious soul FUCK YOU"
Grizzlies 31 August 2015  
HAHAHA omg that's amazing :')
highexpectations 16 August 2015  
it took you years to embrace your age
i'm happy for you
Grizzlies 16 August 2015  
it took me years to become twelve
omnipotent 15 August 2015  
ew why did you make your profile like mine
now people will think we like each other 
Grizzlies 15 August 2015  
you're just bitter cause people can't have wood
omnipotent 14 August 2015  
um wow
shocked face
disgusted face
shifty eyes
what a thot
Grizzlies 14 August 2015  
blank squares bc you're not cool enough for my emojis

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