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rem 4 September 2017  
your twits and profile are cute..
you are welcome to join my club - cyber arena ( 17 topics -100 postings)
Grizzlies 4 September 2017  
rem 1 August 2017  
more like

eddie bear
LAWL XD ⌒°(❛ᴗ❛)°⌒
rem 30 July 2017  
grizzlie bear
rem 29 July 2017  
life .................
Grizzlies 29 July 2017  
rem 29 July 2017  
wow you are good at that
Grizzlies 29 July 2017  
good at what
rem 14 July 2017  
literally i dont live to impress you STOP telling me what i should do with my own
personal accounts!!!! I don't wake up and think "I wonder what rem wants me to make my
profile like" so WHY do you feel the need to tell me anyway at every opportunity?! Just
worry about your own damn profile because NEWS FLASH it isn't that cool or interesting
Grizzlies 14 July 2017  
Yes. And?
rem 11 July 2017  
are you ever going to make your profile page more interesting you kuso no meinu otoko
Grizzlies 11 July 2017  
no, i am not.
rem 26 May 2017  
it worked on my profile you baka
all you have to do is remove the spaces between the letters and words 
Grizzlies 26 May 2017  
rem 26 May 2017  
< .    i.m.g s.r.c. ="IMAGEURL"   >

try this without all the spaces and dots
Grizzlies 26 May 2017  
it didnt work im upset
rem 20 May 2017  
your profile is so boring where's the gay efron
Grizzlies 20 May 2017  
ok I'll bring it back soon

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