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Sapphirestar123 22 April 2018  
Are you into Wiccan stuff? I read all of your stuff and sounds similar to the Wiccan
beliefs like the fae and various other things that I can't remember right now. If you're
curious of their beliefs, Google them or look up Harmony Nice or Anais, their videos
explain all you need to know about the Wiccan practices. P.S., you can be a Christian
Wiccan/witch if you want to be.
Dark_moon 22 April 2018  
A little. I'm more into Transcendentalism which is closely related to Wiccan beliefs.
Thank you though, I'll check out their channels!  I like learning more about different
‹White Winter Snow› 20 July 2017  
Oh wow, someone else who actually listens to RED. Haven't seen that in a while.
Dark_moon 20 July 2017  
Lol agreed, not many people know who they are. 
‹Jazzy ♡› 5 April 2016  
Do you like Pentatonix? What's your favourite TØP song?
Dark_moon 5 April 2016  
Yes, Pentatonix is good. My favorite song is Doubt off their latest album. ^-^
ntnick 18 January 2016  
Not maybe, for sure!
Dark_moon 18 January 2016  
ntnick 17 January 2016  
Are too! Of my pudding and my manly beard of wisdom *strokes beard in deep thought*
Dark_moon 17 January 2016  
ntnick 17 January 2016  
You're just jealous of my pudding!
Dark_moon 17 January 2016  
Not even!!!!
ntnick 17 January 2016  
Why blehhh?
Dark_moon 17 January 2016  
Because of because
ntnick 17 January 2016  
Dark_moon 17 January 2016  
ntnick 8 January 2016  
Your profile is a lie. Your heart belongs to me now, I have kidnapped it. Of course you
can have it back...for a price! muhahaha!
Dark_moon 8 January 2016  
It's the damn truth! My heart is nothing compared to my soul! Muahahah! Can't steal a
soul. >
ntnick 24 December 2015  
Shhhhh! If you say that they might not give us presents!
Dark_moon 24 December 2015  
Say whatever I want!

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