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‹Green Spring Grass› 20 July 2017  
Oh wow, someone else who actually listens to RED. Haven't seen that in a while.
Dark_moon 20 July 2017  
Lol agreed, not many people know who they are. 
‹Jazzy ♡› 5 April 2016  
Do you like Pentatonix? What's your favourite TØP song?
Dark_moon 5 April 2016  
Yes, Pentatonix is good. My favorite song is Doubt off their latest album. ^-^
ntnick 18 January 2016  
Not maybe, for sure!
Dark_moon 18 January 2016  
ntnick 17 January 2016  
Are too! Of my pudding and my manly beard of wisdom *strokes beard in deep thought*
Dark_moon 17 January 2016  
ntnick 17 January 2016  
You're just jealous of my pudding!
Dark_moon 17 January 2016  
Not even!!!!
ntnick 17 January 2016  
Why blehhh?
Dark_moon 17 January 2016  
Because of because
ntnick 17 January 2016  
Dark_moon 17 January 2016  
ntnick 8 January 2016  
Your profile is a lie. Your heart belongs to me now, I have kidnapped it. Of course you
can have it back...for a price! muhahaha!
Dark_moon 8 January 2016  
It's the damn truth! My heart is nothing compared to my soul! Muahahah! Can't steal a
soul. >
ntnick 24 December 2015  
Shhhhh! If you say that they might not give us presents!
Dark_moon 24 December 2015  
Say whatever I want!
ntnick 20 December 2015  
I am the fridge king!
Dark_moon 20 December 2015  

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