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JessieSamantha 5 May 2010  
The Beatles are cool =)
BrieAnna 5 May 2010  
Bluestar1 22 March 2010  
heya, whatsup?
 hows it going???? 
BrieAnna 22 March 2010  
Hey there :3 How ru?
Bluestar1 22 March 2010  
The cow is so cool! how did u make it 2 be like that? & did u make it on kupika or on a
real peice of paper? 
BrieAnna 22 March 2010  
I did it on Kupika. haha I don't remember how i did it, It was so long ago.
‹iiBeINSANEEā„¢› 18 June 2007  
BrieAnna 18 June 2007  
‹JustMe,Tiffani(:› 29 May 2007  
That is my favorite song by Panic! too!
I love them too!
BrieAnna 29 May 2007  
^_^ yay
girlemo 24 April 2007  
hi ur emo right if u are cool i am to
BrieAnna 24 April 2007  
yah.. i'm emo. yo'
chinga 11 April 2007  
r u an atention seeker?
BrieAnna 11 April 2007  
WTF ,,,,. .. asdjf[sjf;kas
harlequingirl 11 April 2007  
Oh, and PS - I know a little bit of BlueJ (simpler Java) - learnt it at school for the
last two years at a special computer class blah.. just thought you'd like to know.. do you
want me to teach you a little bit?
BrieAnna 11 April 2007  
koo' i kno some HTML and that fohizz
harlequingirl 11 April 2007  
OMG OMG OMG!!! EVERYONE <3s Brendon Urie!!!!!!! 
Are you into drumming, because you like Ringo and all...?
BrieAnna 11 April 2007  
yah i luv drumming. <3
chinga 10 April 2007  
i love panic!at disco to!
BrieAnna 10 April 2007  
hi there.

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