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how to annoy the akatsuki

first, the slightly moody member, ITACHI!!!!

1.Ask why he killed his clan but didnt kill Sasuke(ask ATLEAST 25 times)

2.Ask him if him and Kisame are dating

3.When he says no or is about to kill you show him itachiXkisame

4.When he's sleeping paint his nails a light pink and neon orange

5.shave his head

6.replace his clothes with Sakuras

7.Get the fan girls 

8.Tell him Sasukes more hotter than him

9.Tell him Sasukes going to kick his ass easily one day

10.Give him Glasses

11.Ask him personal random questions every 2 mins.

12.Touch his hair,ring,and nail polish then ask if he's sure he isnt gay

13.Tell him to poke your forhead

next is the fishy/shark guy, KISAME!!!!!!!!(warning: kisame is mine. try anything and you shall be brutally
murdered*pulls out kunai* get my point?)
1.Sing 'i'm blue' when you see him(daba de daba di

2.Tell him you're hungry and you would kill for sushi...

3.Repeat Two and Three From itachi's

4.Ask him what his mom and dad are

5.Everytime he cusses stuff a big fish in his mouth

6.Call him your food

7.Ask him if he should be in the sea somewhere

9.Ask him how he breathes since he has gills

10.when he's sleeping cover his gills

next up is....................ZETZU!!!!!!

1.Ask him what he is

2.Chase him with a weed wacker or chainsaw

3.See what would happen if you spray weed killer

4.Reapeat 4 from kisame(I mean doesnt it make you wonder??)

5.Ask him if he should be in the rainforest(I think venus fly traps are in not too sure)

6.Ask him how it feels to be white,black,a venus fly trap,with a evil and nice side 

next is the baka of the group..................... DEIDARA!!!

.Tell him his name sounds like a dinosaur.

2.Cut off the part of his hair that covers his eye-or whatever that thing is

3.Say Yeah or Un like he does

4.Tell him art lasts forever and that sasori's right

5.Cut off his hands 

6.Everytime you're in the same room as him scream and run out

up next is the hot(i think so.......-_-') puppt guy, SASORI!!!!!!!!

1.Ask him if he ever wishes to be a "real" boy

2.Start to sing "There arnt no strings on me"

3.Reapeat 4 from Deidara only tell Sasori he's wrong and that you agree with deidara

4.Call his puppets dolls

5.Write "Deidara" all over his puppets(And of course it blames it on deidara x])

and we can't forget that money obsessed guy, KAKUZU!!!!!

1.Burn his money

2.Steal his money

3.Make a bet(Make sure you win)

4.Play poker(And again make sure you win)

5.Wave a twenty dollar bill in his face

6.Tell him you give your money to the poor

7...Then give his money to the poor

8.Tell him he has a huge mouth(No litarly its like to his cheeks)

9...You know just do anything with his money just as long as you take it away from him he'll go crazy 

that religious guy HIDAN!!!!!!

1.Tell him you disagree with his religion

2."Borrow" his scythe

3.Tell him you don't believe in Jashin 

the baka, TOBI!!!!!!!

1.When he says"Tobi's a good boy" tell him he's a bad boy

2.Steal his mask

3...Then replace it with some weird one

4...then put flowers,rainbows,smiley faces,unicorns,ect. all over his mask

and finally LEADER!!(i think his name is Penin)

1.I dont know...somehow get him out of the shadows,tie him up,stuff him in a closet and declare to him you're the new

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