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how to annoy itachi-Senpai!

1) Tell him Sasuke wants to make out in his closet
2) Cut off his ponytail while he's sleeping and say he's a remarkable resemblence of Sasuke
3) Ask him if he's high
4) Every time he uses his sharingan say in a low voice, "Hypno toaaaadddd..."
5) when he traps you in Mangekyu 
Sharingan and you're tied to the cross, suddenly look around and go, "Am I Jesus?"
6) Make up a list of reasons why he could have possibly killed his clan, then follow him all day and ask him every
single one
7) Paint happy unicorns in his room
 Go up to him and say, "Itachiiiiii, come with me to Candy Moutain! Candy Mountain, Itachi! It's a land full of sweets
and joy....and joyness."
9) When you are sitting there in total silence next to him, all of a sudden scream really loudly. When he asks you
what's wrong you look at him like he's a freak and ask him why he asked that. When he said because you screamed, say,
"...Did you forget to take your medicine today?"
10) Ask him if his arm is broken. If he says no and asks you why you asked, you say, "Well, you always have it stick out
of your coat...even when you're fighting! You look like you're retarded or something."
11) Dress Up like him and sing "I'm Pretty Oh so pretty! I Feel Pretty and witty and...GAY!!!"
12) Make him listen to Paris Hilton(over and over and over)
13) Show him barney and say this show was dedicated to him
 thats all for right now!!!!!!
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  puppy_luv — Page created: 23 August 2007  |  Last modified: 24 August 2007
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kibaandakamaru says:   23 August 2007   174888  
wow that is hilarous i am gonna try that
puppy_luv says:   24 August 2007   354361  
go ahead(i am NOT responsible if you get killed)
dghgddj says:   24 August 2007   839984  
no that is okay he can handle it
puppy_luv says :   24 August 2007   516289  
are you sure?

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