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how to annoy orochimaru-Sama(warning: have to be older than thirteen)

1. Tell him to get in a basket so you can snake charm him.
2. force him into a basket to snake charm him.
3. Ask if he is related to Michael Jackson.
4. When he asks why say: because you both have a fetish for little boys.
5. ask if he is gay with Kabuto
6. when he says no say that's not what I heard. And show him yaoi pics of him and Kabuto.
7. buy him herbal essences for his birthday.
8. buy him a bra or frilly pink panties for him birthday.
9. ask if he is related to Voldemort.
10. when he asks why say "you're both ugly."
11. say he looks like an ugly girl.
12. explain to the sound ninja and Akatsuki that if Voldemort and Michael Jackson had a child and that child raped a
snake the outcome would be Orochimaru
13. get a laser pointer and power point for the above.
14. shine said laser pointer in his eye.
15. poke him
16. do the opposite of what he says.
17. follow him around asking him random and personal questions. Example: Are you a virgin? Where do babies come from?
How big are you, Kabuto looked sad when I asked him about it.
18. kill his snakes.
19. hug him yelling "Aww is it that time of the month again?" whenever he is being pissy.
20. bring him tampon and give them to him when he is being mean and or ordering the sound five to do something
21. say that puppies would be more obedient than snakes.
22. replace said snakes with puppies.
23. make him clean up the mess.
24. try to untie the bow on his toga/robe/sissy outfit.
25. scream, getting every ones attention, when you finally do and it falls down.
26. act like him
27. do a bad job of it.
28. whenever he uses his tongue ask if he, A) ever used that on a girl? B) what about Kabuto? C) Sasuke? D) Can lick his
elbow? E) Touch his nose?
29. In the middle of the night shave off his hair and write 'Voldemort wannabe' on his forehead with permanent marker.
30. Pick on him because it took him forever to kill an old man.
31. Pick on him because he couldnt kill a child and got beat up by an old lady (Naruto and Tsunde)
32. Call him an ugly gay-ass snake rapist.
33. when he goes to ask you something yell 'NO I WILL NOT HAVE SEX WITH YOU!!!'
34. do so in a crowded room.
35. kill Sasuke.
36. tell him that Sasuke is seeing other people.
37. give him a fake love letter that say its from Sasuke and it tells him to meet Sasuke in the girls bathroom at 2:00
38. Give Kabuto the same note only it says It is from Orochimaru
39. video tape results.
40. sell video tape to Akatsuki and the hidden leaf village.
41. tell him that Itachi loves Kisame more than him.
42. laugh at him at random moments.
43. hit him with a snake.
44. go up to him and give him a disgusted look.
45. when he glares at you and asks what you are doing say 'You're pathetic, examples: you get thrown out of the Akatsuki
and to get payback you make your own village, rape on of their little brother, kill old people, and try to kill little
children. What kind of Voldemort poser are you?'
46. (Im running outa ideas!!) Lock him in a closet.
47. Kabutos closet.
48. insist he has a thing for Tsunade
49. worse, Jiraya
50. make him, Jiraya, Tsunde, the Akatsuki, and just about everyone who knows and or hates him read this.
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  puppy_luv — Page created: 25 August 2007
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