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how to annoy KIBA!!!!![some of these are mean....... >]

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! ~Steal Akamaru ~Follow him around screaming 'Bad dog!! No humping the guests!!' ~Superglue him to Naruto ~Poke him until he admits that cats rule and dogs drool ~Set him up on a blind date with Rock Lee and sing 'can you feel the love tonight' ~Give him a flea bath ~When he goes to sit down on the couch, whack him with a rolled up newspaper and yell 'Down boy!' ~Call him 'MY SNUGGLY-BUGGLY MUNCHYBUTT!!!' ~Slap him whenever he blinks ~In the middle of a crowd (maybe in the mall{the middle of it!!}) point to him and scream 'HE'S GOT A BOMB!!' ~Steal his jacket ~Get a cat and let it lose in the classroom while Akamaru is around during a big test.(did this!!!!) ~Buy him dog treats for his birthday. ~Offer to give Akamaru a bath and dye him pink. ~Tell him that cats are better than dogs and keep on telling him that a cat could easily beat him. ~Do the one above and then when he decides to beat up the cat, take Akamaru and set him in a tiger cage in the zoo. ~Do the two above then tell the zookeeper that a meanie (Kiba) is beating up the tiger. ~Laugh at him for getting in trouble with the zookeeper. ~Kidnap Akamaru. ~Steal Akamaru while he is in the shower, hide him and yell to him that Akamaru is missing. Then when runs around town looking for Akamaru, call him and say "Oh, silly me he was right here all along." ~Ask him if those furry parts on his jacket are real fur. ~Call a bunch of animal-lovers and tell them that Kiba is wearing real fur. ~Give Akamaru lots of chili (Kiba will not have fun with that...) ~Give Akamaru some foam of some sort and then say that he is a rabid dog and have him taken away (awww, that's so mean...) ~Shave Akamaru. thats all for now!!!!!! ^+^
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  puppy_luv — Page created: 17 August 2007
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Demonic_angel says:   17 August 2007   852568  
i did something kinda like this though..check it out in my diary!
puppy_luv says:   17 August 2007   573171  
i might make more........................*runs off to check out diary*
HarunoSakura says :   24 August 2007   713336  
awwww but i like akamaru!

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