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how to annoy Neji-san!!!!!!!!!

yay!!!!!!!!! i hope you like them ^+^ 1. Ask him if he's blind. 2. Make funny faces in front of him and when he tells you to stop, smile innocently and say, "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought you couldn't see me." 3. Say, "You know, Neji, the first time I saw you, I thought you were a girl." 4. Keep asking him if he's really a girl or not. 5. And when he answers that hes really a guy, say, "Just admit it, Neji. Being a girl is nothing to be ashamed of." 6. Order him around and when he refuses, threaten him about you cutting his lovely hair. 7. When he's still sleeping at night, tie his hair with pink ribbons and when he wakes up and asks you why you did that, say, "Don't you think it suits you the best?" 8. Stick to him like glue, and when somebody asks you if he's your boyfriend, say, "To a loser like him? No way! I just wanna walk in the shade since he's so fat!" 9. Keep asking him if you could call him "sweetheart." 10. And when he says "no", call him "sweetheart", anyway. 11. When he uses his byakugan, slap him on the face and yell, "Neji, you pervert!" 12. Keep asking him about what it feels like to be a pervert. 13. When he's about to fight, yell, "Go on, sweetheart! Show them your new dance moves!!!" 14. Be all like, "If you're such a genius, sweetie, why'd you lose to Naruto?" 15. Blabber about how fate had decreed him as a sore loser. 16. Dance like crazy in front of him and when he asks you why you're doing that, say, "It's my destiny." 17. When he's still in the shower, hide all his clothes and when he asks you if you've seen them, say, "I dunno. But I do have some of my brother's clothes with me," and give him sasuke's clothes. 18. When he wears those clothes, 'coz he's got no other choice, say, "Wow, sweetheart, I never knew you'd look so good in garbage!" 19. When you're going out on a mission with the other teams, bring out a pair of teddy bear imprinted shorts and yell at the top of your lungs, "Sweetheart, you forgot to put on your boxer shorts!!!" 20. And last but definitely not the least, when he asks you why you're so annoying to him; take him lovingly by the hand, smile your totally irresistible smile and say, "Because destiny decided that I would make your life miserable, sweetie!" thanks for the hits everybody and i promise that i will have more!!!! ^+^
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  puppy_luv — Page created: 23 August 2007
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puppy_luv says:   24 August 2007   286384  
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Omg That is sooooooo funny!!!!XD

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