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a preview of my book =D

okay people, i'm going to post a preview of my book for you all. if i get 3 comments on this chapter (good or bad),
i'll move on to the next chapter. enjoy XD

                                                                       Chapter 1 : the beginning

	Layla and her older sister collapsed on the huge pile of luggage, and household items, with big huffs. The two had been
carrying their stuff to their new home. A few months ago, Layla and Sterlingís parents had gone missing due to an
unknown cause, and after two boarding schools, and one foster home, the girls still hadnít found a place that was
suitable for them to stay at. Thatís how they ended up here. putting lunch on the stove, as Layla was putting the
sistersí clothes in their room. 
	Both of the girls were more tired and hungry then they had ever been, after having to listen to the vice principle give
a 5 hour speech on the schoolís rules, schedules, and what the girls would be learning though the next few years.
	Layla is a very small 14 year old with pitch black hair, and paler skin than anyone in their family had ever had. Her
hair was always kept in ponytails so they wouldnít get knotted up with Laylaís advanced activity. Her wardrobe was a
rebelís dream to say the least. Her parents were pretty wealthy, and her mom and dad didnít care how their daughters
expressed their creativity, as long as they were happy. Layla used to love lying on her mothers lap to listen about the
good old days, while her hair got brushed. 

	Sterling on the other hand, dressed in her own style. Her hair was dirty blonde with orange bangs and she always wore
tights under a pair of ripped up dickeys,  an old vintage tee, and one of her fatherís old ties.
	The pair ate their lunch-consisting of a BLT and chips for each girl- and set out to the dinner to be introduced to the
school by the dean.

	After another two hours, everything was squeezed through the mini-apartmentís door, and close to its intended home.
Sterling was tired, but Layla never in her life had the feeling of jetlag. Layla watched television while sterling took
her nap. They both knew this was going to be a long semester.
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  punkrXgrl — Page created: 18 April 2008
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callie11 says:   18 April 2008   489292  
Ok, so I think that that was Okay. you could work on capitilazation a bit, and to me
it seemed a bit short, but it sounds like it could be a good beginning of a good
iveggie says:   18 April 2008   848734  
its good
punkrXgrl says :   20 April 2008   899291  
thanks  for reading  . i'm doing very short chapters since it's for a teen
audience. i figured not many people could sit and read infinate chapters, and i
already have 15 other chapters written for this book. thanks for being honest with me
though. not many people could be a bit of a tough critique.

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