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If your friend is bugging you get her back with these plans shown below!

Jealousy Whoever your friend likes make her jealous. If the person your friend likes is on your side than make her jealous my you being the boy/girlfriend or the person the friend likes. Pyshically Hit the person little by little with no suspicious or do it while the person is next to you and tell the person whats wrong if she gets all up on your face get her back by doing something pyshically. If you can't stand the person up, Get her down As in with violent words ( for example, fuck you little bitch) and if you can't dig deep enough dig all the way to her face and say it tough and say it like you mean it.
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  princessjennifer1 — Page created: 6 March 2007
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bbqgirl says:   6 March 2007   278891  
well i hae a friend i met her pre-school and now we go the same school so anway she
is the coolest yet she put bad feelings on people and acts like she dosent care what
should i do to stand up to her
My_Chemical_Romance_MCR says:   6 March 2007   976831  
well i have this mean bully at my school she is sooooo mean!!!!! >.< she always
picks on me!!! I have an example of a time but it happened in the girls locker room
so I can't tell the story out where BOYS can see it >.<
CookieDough says:   6 March 2007   496478  
We'll I think these decisons depend on the situation.
If your friend is putting people down, yes you should stand up to her because it's
unfair to those people if you have the ability to stop her.
princessjennifer1 says:   6 March 2007   726621  
thanks for comments your situations will be posted up here so come back and check
what I've put up. Don't worry I'll help with all your problems.
sweetangelgal says:   6 March 2007   397816  
I don't think any of those ideas are very good! If your friend is bugging you, tell
her! Don't put her down! She probably wouldn't know why!

bbqgirl should tell her friend
My_Chemical_Romance_MCR should stand up to her and get a couple friends to back her
princessjennifer1 says:   6 March 2007   337957  
my plans are harsh (kinda) ill edit the page! lol
cows_say_moo says :   1 April 2007   175378  
ok well my best friend forever acts like shes so popular and she knows everything
thats in and its kinda getting on my nerves what should i do??? can u help me
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