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Surveys : More about me

This section is where I will put surveys. This is for anyone who wants to know about me. If you have any questions you would like me to add.. Just comment below. about: 001. Name: Jamie. I know. I hate that name. It's a guys name. 002. Nickname: I am not like the rest of you. I dont make my own nicknames. Mine get made up for me. I dont like my nickname. I only have one... It's.. URGH. It's Gel. 003. Married: Ahaha. No. 004. Zodiac sign: Aquarius 005. Male or female: Female 006 . Elementary: Noo.. 007. Highschool: You know it. 008. College: Not yet. 010. Hair color: Blonde. 011. Long or short: Shoulder length 015 . Are you a health freak: Well.. Personally.. I dont care. But my mom makes me be one. She like... Makes me wash my hands at least every hour. No snacks, And there is more. 016. Height: I'm kinda tall. Not really. I'm 5'8 017. Do you have a crush on someone?: Gosh. You can say that again. Yes I do. 018. Do you like yourself: NOOO. I hate myself. Wtf kinda question is that? 019. Piercings: Ears.. And I use to have belly button. But then I got sick of it. Because when I wear tight shirts, you can see it.. And then people though I had an outie. So I grew it in. 021. Righty or lefty: Righty Tighty. FIRSTS : 001. First surgery: Yea.. When I was in grade one. I broke my arm. In a weird spot. So.. Like they had to go fix it... with Nails. Or I would be messed. And my arm would never grow. 002. First piercing: Left Ear. 003. First award: Graduating PreSchool. I'm so skilled. 004 First sport you joined: Dance 005 . First pet: My Hamster named Gerbil. 006. First vacation: OH! When I was a baby. Supposably I went to Maine. 007. First concert: I was 9. I believe it was Christina Aguilera 008. First crush: Aww.. My swimming Lesson teacher. Back in the good old days. When I was 5. He was HOT. I still remember him. He is on my msn. I dont crush on him anymore. But he is hot. YOUR FUTURE : 001. Want kids: Uh. Yea. Just so that I can give them freedom. Because I hate my mom. So I have to make them love me. 002. Want to get married: Yea.. I do. 003. Careers in mind: Actually. I wanted to be a model. But then mick0305 convinsed me that's a stupid thing to do. So now I wanna be a therapist. WHICH IS BETTER? : 001. Lips or eyes: On me? I dunno. On other people. I notice there eyes first. 002. Hugs or kisses: Between friends? Italian Kisses. HA. Thats what I call hot. 003. Shorter or taller: Taller 004. Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous is romantic. So both. 005. Nice stomach or nice arms: Nice Stomach. 006. Sensitive or loud: Wtf. Loud. 007. Hook-up or relationship: Both. 008. Trouble maker or hesitant: Trouble makers have more fun. Trust me. Life is fun. HAVE YOU EVER : 001. Kissed a stranger?: Unfortunetly.. yes. 002. Drank bubbles: Ha.. Yea.. 003. Lost glasses/contacts: Sunglasses... yea. 004. Ran away from home: You know it. 005. Liked someone younger: Like a month... But yea. 006. Older: MMMHHMM. 007. Broken someone's heart: Most likely. 008. Been arrested: No.. but I sat in a cop car! Dont worry... I did nothing bad... just got lost, and asked a cop to drive me home. 009. Turned someone down: GOSH. YES. 010. Cried when someone died: NOO. I laugh. OF COURSE I CRY. DO YOU BELIEVE IN: 001. Yourself: Yea... 002. Miracles: Uhh.. Yea. 003. Love at first sight: Yea. 004. Heaven: No. 005 . Santa claus: I believe in my daddy. 006. Sex on the first date: Uncalled for... 007. Angels: No.. 008. Believe in God?: No..
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  popular — Page created: 2 November 2007
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Daisy123 wonders:   2 November 2007   264487  
Sorry but i dont understand this?
popular says:   2 November 2007   127321  
There questions.
And I answered them...
sydnosh says:   2 November 2007   153147  
y dont u believe in God
popular says:   2 November 2007   611472  
I dont know.
I just dont...
‹ShutUpOrIllEatYou› says :   4 November 2007   365784  
Bwahahaha I hash robbeded this!

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