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 no more pokemon crater But i found POKEMON INDIGO
You ever playing pokemon and think this is a little too easy. Ever wish you can make it harder or more challanging Try a few different modes or challanges to make it so. Note that all these challanges only use pokemon that you have cught. SO no trading or using hacking. ALso no trading to get rare items. Baby Challange 1. Dont evolve any of your pokemon. You may have utility pokemon but they must not battle. 2. All pokemon must have an evolutionary line 3. All pokemon must be caught. Thats means no trading and no eggs. Hardcore Mode 1. Once a pokemon faints you must release it. 2. Same as before, Pokemon must be caught by you. 3. You cannot run from any battle. (All wild pokemon must be caught or defeated.) Relic Mode 1. Only Item that are required have unlimited use. (HM's and Key items used in story only. SO no town map, bike, fishing rods etc.) 2. No healing items may be used. (Potions, full heals, revives, etc.) 3. Pokeballs may be used but only those that are found on the ground or given to you. (You are banned from using the shop) Mono-Type Challange 1. Only use 1 type of pokemon. (Does not have to be your starter pokemon.) 2. May be dual type if you wish. 3. Only 1 utility pokemon may be used. (If not the smae type it cannot be used in battle.) Single Pokemon Challange 1. AS the name goes you may onlt use 1 pokemon throughout the entire game. (Double battles must be skipped if possibal) 2. Utility pokemon may be used but must not be used for battle. First Come Challange 1. Once you get the first change the catch wild pokemon use must only use the first 6 pokemon you see. (All 6 may not be used in battle but only those 6 pokemon may only be used. 2. Your starter pokemon must not be used. 3. Only 1 utility pokemon is allowed but must not battle. Powercut Mode: 1. AT no time are you allowed to heal your pokemon at the pokemon center 2. Use of the PC is banned at all times. 3. Pokemart may be used it u want 4. Use any pokemon you want. Must be caught by no so no trading. Mix and match to make it incredibly difficult. Try Playing Hardcore and Relic mode with only 1 baby pokemon. My new favourite pokemon My fave typs are fire and electricI love pokemon. I have Pokemon Diamond, pearl and platinum, Fire Red, Leaf Green, Ruby, Sapphire and pokemon battle revoulation, heart gold and soul silver, plus i have the exclusive japanese demo of pokemon white. My Fave fire pokemon is Magby My fave electric pokemon is Manectric Credit goes to Pokemon_Gijinka for getting me the pic and credit goes to Photobucket.com for supplying the pic. But my alltime fave pokemon is gallade Credit goes to Pokemon_Gijinka for getting me the pic and credit goes to Photobucket.com for supplying the pic. I luv pokemon sooooooooooooooo much im gonna change my name to pokemon. I have almost all the games. Pokemon Gold, Silver, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Fire red, Leaf green, Diamond and battle revoulation. I am the best trainer ever. I have all the legandaries u can get without using cheats or glitches or events but it took a hell of a long time. I had to play fire red and leaf green like 4 or five times. Most of them are on their way to lv 100 thanks to pokemon Black and their epic strong daily trainers. Voltorb
Take What pokemon are you? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.

Congrats my fellow pokemon! you are a Voltorb http://www.pokemon.com/Pokedex/flash.asp Who is your pokemon? look at the pokedex!


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1 Apr 12
Right well im playing pokemon blue again just for fun and would like some suggestions for my team....
3 Oct 07
This Quiz is for any one who knows something about pokemon.

Question 1
How do you get a...

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‹♥ Lozza ♥› 14 Aug 11  
haha  so you really enjoy pokemon don't you? i use  to play it alot. i have
pokemon diamond, pearl, platinum, and leaf green
‹Professor_Pokemon› 14 Aug 11  
When i say i hve platinum and pearl I dont actually hve them in a physical
game. I just use them on an Emulator of an DS R4 card. But i have the others
except for pokemon white
‹♥ Lozza ♥› 14 Aug 11  
welll. you have alot of pokemon stuff.
‹Professor_Pokemon› 14 Aug 11  
y thank you. It just kinda builds up over the years
‹AshleyNicoleIsGangsterNigga(:› 4 Feb 10  
Heyy Like Wow You Really Like Pokemon 
Lol My Little Bro Likes It 
Heyy Do You Want To Be Friends ? (:
‹Professor_Pokemon› 4 Feb 10  
XDoodle_SoupX 27 Jan 10  
When i took the quiz i was psyduck XD i would lose in a Pokemon battle against
‹Professor_Pokemon› 28 Jan 10  
yeah psyducks do kinda suck
emovampiress 25 Jun 09  
yeah i heard about the new evolutions of evee (i think)
‹Professor_Pokemon› 25 Jun 09  
they look cool but arnt as strong as the other eveloutions.
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