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25 F United States of America
speaks English and Spanish
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 um... WEEE!!!!!!!!!
ME AND MY BAD SELF i am a poet in the making. i wanna be an auther or a humanitarian so far. ill answer the questions now smoke: eww, no, lungs want air not smogggggg!!!!!!! skills:writing, dancing, song writing, acting, rapping pets: no, but i have a webkinz beagle, 2 kitties, a duckthing, and a raindeer and tons (uber litteral) of neopets movie: nightmare before christmas, over the hedge, hoodwinked, and then some... glases: yes, for distence but my mom makes me wear them always god: definatly hobbies: dance, acting, drawing, writing food: JERKY!!!!!!! wats love: idk but i have a HUGE crush on this guy named Jace. He goes to my dance studio, and i reallllllllllllly like him... but idk if ill ever see him again vv sing: eh... at times what i see in others: a little bit of everything... in most people i just see plain jerkishness... single: yes and i plan to stay that way till im at least 15 sports: former soccor player (interfeared with tap class), dance (say its not a sport and ur head will be on my wall), i swim for leasure music: all... i play violin/viola/harp(kinda)/keyboard/piano ambition: nature i guess... its a HUGE part of my life and im here to save it hair: stright and blond AND SHORT!!!!!!!!... wish it were curly though... love vs. romance: same-ish i think WEIRD WORDS xylacarp-a hard, woodey fruit pecsniffian-hippocrit luposlipaphobia-the fear of being chased by timberwolfs on a newly waxed floor while whearing wool socks poppinjay-a vain/overly chatty person ninnyhammer-a doof whewww!!!- a onomotopia to be said monotonisly so people think ur weird^^ Comment with new words to post [scrubs] quotes You and I, we dont talk much. If your wondering if that makes me happy or sad, It makes me happy. Sad for you -Jordan Um, Im sorry, did you ever hear a phrase called 'excuse me'? No, take the fake sugar. And I hope you get cancer. I really do. -Jordan Oh, great. I didnt get a little cardboard sleve. O, well. Its just tea. How hot can it really be? *picks up tea* SWEET MOTHER THATS HOT!!!! *drops tea* *dips hand in someones iced coffe* No one saw, just keep walking. -Ted Talk really fast talk really fast fallng in love with you Frik Frik Frik!!! -Ted Awwww!!! *put arm over head* -Ted Ted- Whats a Buckland? Cox- A balding looser who cant get any girls. Ted- Oh... Cox- *hold up nameplate* Its your last name, Ted. Ted- Awwwwww!! Oh boo hoo Turk, you can't get the cake because you have diabetes. If you want sympathy get a disease people can see. Oh yeah, rich boy? I don't get the news. I only get sports and some weird Chinese wrestling. But I bet you never heard of jiggly ball. -Janitor Good Morning Loyal Subjects of Janitoria!!! Looks like rain. That could be a problem. -Janitor I don't believe in the moon. Its just the back of the sun. -Janitor *singing* It started with a penny in the door And then I found a hate that I never knew before -Janitor Ello govna, put another shrimp on the bawbie for me. Oh, wait, thats Irish -JD Molly- (rubbing JD's face) Johny JD- *damn it!!* Molly- Johny JD- *damn it!!* Molly- Johny JD- *damn it!!* molly: You know my friend Johnny! Spiked up hair, In a motorcycle gang elliot: Aww! I knew it
MEH!!!! HATE is a strong Word, but i REALY REALY REALY DONT LIKE U!!!!!! i hate being treated like a baby, animal abuse, steriotypes, grand theft auto, being told what to do, death, posers, liars, people who are afraid2b themselfs, being told that i cant do something, my old dance teacher, my old science and language arts teachers, being told dance isn't a sport, and MOST OF ALL, PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO BUT TO MAKE FUN OF PEOPLE WHO ARE DIFFERENT!!!!!!! <bunnyhero> <bunnyhero> Things even my BFFs probably dont know about me 1. i like bleu cheeze dressing on my salad 2. happy feet is my second fave movie 3. i know how to make invisible ink 4. im in love I am ninja He is ninja She is ninja too I am ninja We are ninja and I BELIVE THAT YOU ARE NINJA TOO!!!!!!!!!! -Ask a Ninja(.com)

My authentic japanese name is 松浦 Matsuura (pine tree coast) 歩 Ayumu (walk, deeper meaning: walk your own way).
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My fairy name is Marzipan Singing Lemon Grove.
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My vampiric name is EMILIA (Rival).
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My is Takashi Serikio.
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What kind of pirate am I? You decide!
You can also Dress Up Games, Doll Makers and Cartoon Dolls @ The
Doll Palace my emo doll self Dre
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Doll Palace goddess me-i wish!!! iWant it iNeed it IM ADDICTED TO YOU! heart breaker Okay, so, um...WEEEEEE!!!!!!!! post the um...WEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! on ur profile... Get the whole world screaming out of boardom!!! Go to this website: thehungersite.com and click on the button that says: click to give its free and also click the links that say Breast cancer Rainforest Animal rescue Literature and Child Healthcare Its compleatly free and you are giving to so many people and animals!!!!!!!!! I don't give a flying fadoodle about your record! everybody out!!! -iCarly, me favee non-amnimated show Cute pics!!! CUTE!!!!!!!!!!! The image �http://itech.pjc.edu/sctag/Meerkat/meerkat_babiesx.jpg� cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Meerkats XD!!! HELP ZEE SQUIRL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! DUDE!!!! if u dont like the show Phineas and Ferb, ur brain has a rock stabbed into it. ~Fin~


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30 Dec 08
Put an X in the ones you do, then add it up and that's your age!

24 Dec 08
01. Choose your best friend.
02. Answer the questions.
03. No changing friends in the...

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‹21 Cassy Alexa <3› 21 Dec 08  
okay.. that would explain it.
poet87 22 Dec 08  
‹21 Cassy Alexa <3› 14 Dec 08  
ok thats not wat it looked like
poet87 21 Dec 08  
i know... most of the fur fell off...
‹21 Cassy Alexa <3› 14 Dec 08  
umm do you mind me asking what in the world is that photo
poet87 14 Dec 08  
a giraffe^^
and no, i dont mind^^
‹Lindsay; Music. Is. Life. <3› 19 Oct 08  
nothing really!
poet87 26 Oct 08  
thats fun^^
‹Lindsay; Music. Is. Life. <3› 19 Oct 08  
poet87 19 Oct 08  
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