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I was just wondering....... questions without answers

Random Questions

If bulls could drive, would red still mean stop?

Do Roman paramedics call IVs 'fours'?

What does cheese say when it gets its picture taken?

Why do 'overlook' and 'oversee' mean different things?

 Why do we say that we're in a pickle if it's a stickt situation?

Why do people always ask to 'borrow' a tissue? Would anyone ever want the used tissue back? Does anyone ever return the
'borrowed' tissue?

Why do intolerant people think you should tolerate their intolerance?

Would the easiest way to be wise be to think of something stupid and say the opposite?

 What happened to the first 6 'UP's? 

Is putting mulch around a tree considered cannibalism?

Do morticians out underwear on corpses?

Why is it that when you fill in the blanks on a form, you are filling it out?

Is the one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater a one-eyed, one-horned flying purple creature that eats people?
Or is it a creature that eats one-eyed, one-horned flying purple people?

In that song "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini", which is yellow, the bikini or the polka dots?

If something is neither here nor there, where is it?

Why is no-one ever diagnosed with 'natural causes'?

 Why is there an index in the back of dictionaries?

Prunes are dried plums, right? So what is prune juice?

If meteorologists study the weather, who studies meteors?

What was Captain Hooks name before he lost his hand?

Do you drink ice or eat it?

Would a lightsaber hurt Superman?

Is it true that lightning bugs never land in the same place twice?

Why are some things 'out of whack'? Is anything ever 'in whack'?

Why are some people 'overwhelmed', and some people 'underwhelmed', but no-one is ever just 'whelmed'?

If there were no chickens, what would everything taste like?

Why is there only one company selling the game 'Monopoly'? 

There are trick questions, but are there ever trick answers?

Feel free to submit your own, but please do not attempt to answer! Answers will be deleted!
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  piratica — Page created: 22 November 2008  |  Last modified: 15 April 2010
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‹you'reacoward› says:   15 April 2010   453978  
Those are really insightful questions.
Now I'm like thinking really hard.(x
‹hj§¿žö∑‰®©¤₪»»»»»»!!!!!!!!!!!!!› says :   16 April 2010   657794  
Noooo, the bikina is a polka-dot one and it's yellow!!!

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