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Oekaki Requests & Trades

Do you like my oekaki?
Would you like to trade or request one from me? You can do so here!

Requests start at 7 kupipoints. Please state what you would like, preferably with references, choice of colours, and dimension. More complex/bigger oekaki will cost more points. The default size is 7 points. You can always, of course, choose to donate more points to me. <3

Trades are negotiable. Please message me~

Trades are closed; I have no points to spend. If I happen to choose to draw something for someone, that's my choice thankyouverymuch.
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  pipedream — Page created: 4 January 2009  |  Last modified: 5 January 2009
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Kumi_ChanOekakis says:   4 January 2009   835148  
Art trade?
How 'bout that?
pipedream says:   4 January 2009   447526  
I'm actually thinking about closing trades for the moment.
I have no kupipoints.
Kumi_ChanOekakis says:   4 January 2009   837747  
oh. Then never mind.
lilblueangel says:   4 January 2009   396358  
wait, so are you going to charge me 7kp now, even though i sent you 4 already?
pipedream says:   4 January 2009   341112  
No. I never said anything of the sort.
Our transaction was already completed.
lilblueangel says:   4 January 2009   481547  
hahah, thanks!
Ciel_Kitty says:   5 January 2009   825665  
Then i will ask for a request :3
I'll give you 10 KP C:

I would be happy if you draw my avatar,please. (:
I love the colors of it Your drawing style (: ♥
Ciel_Kitty says:   5 January 2009   519238  
* And your drawing style
^^; hehe, my bad.
pipedream says:   5 January 2009   126459  

Awesome. May not be able to do it tonight, but definitely tomorrow.
‹KATIEParade› says:   9 January 2009   782935  
Can I have my avatar? I could pay extra. :]
pipedream says:   10 January 2009   515575  
Sorry. I've just been very busy. Please understand that I have a life away from here
and I will get started on it as soon as I can.
‹SexyGirl0123› says :   29 August 2009   449559  
I know what the fifth star is, i will tell you if you donate for me and i will
comment on your pics ,diaries and pages if you have !! and i will give you hugs and
if i had enough kupipoints i will repay you with the interests.. Message me if your
going to give or not

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