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28 F United States of America
speaks English
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 GOD only zone*** Certain people make it to heaven. GOD is #1 if you are not a believer. Than you do not need to be on this page. This is my temple Goth, emo all of that devil stuff. Don't waste your time here...give it to god. I rebuke the devils.
Your Text HereI am black and I am proud. I I was going to ignore the racism and the ignorance of others (RAVERALCHEMIST), but they just keep pushing it. Anyway I have to get my point across. "CHING CHONG CHINA". RAVERALCHEB***H( by black) "I like the name" BLACKS DO IT WAY BETTER. We are the routes of all evil and we will BEAT YOU DOWN. OH YEAH IRO_lesbo or whatever your name is. Leave the ignorance at home. You prefer people who have high levels of reading. How about you prefer my foot in your a##. *You should have put WARNING your about to witness severe ugliness when you scroll down. So scroll down with CAUTION: I almost had a HEARTATTACK. I saw TWO ugly prictures... "NOT COOl MAN" A little something for the haters%%: Stock Photography and Stock Footage The World's Stock Photography - One Web Site

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pinkypink2 17 Jul 07  
I must say: Self you really are true to the game. I love myself unlike some
people. Aw you know who you are. All of reimans people( goth, lezes, ext...)
pinkypink2 17 Jul 07  
psychoticangel159 1 Jul 07  
Yeah, I'm "sadder", yet for some -crazy- reason, I've got better grammar than
my "elder". I'll respect ANYONE, as soon as they deserve it. You, unlike you may
believe, DON'T.

Anyone can have an opinion on my screenname. Feel free to have your own, but I
like it.

I'm no, I'm not Rei-chan. Hell, that'd be a compliment.
pinkypink2 1 Jul 07  
No it won't be must be rei because you don't write good(1)you know
how chinese oops... I meant japenese have that whole thing when they come to the
UN~they don't know how to write or speak a lick of english. Right now your
shaking on your words. You either scared or dumb as hell. Than you said it will
be a compliment to be ugly(2)...what is the world coming to.

Last I checked your not a school teacher so don't worry about my spelling. Until
you graduate from the 12th grade, get accepted into 12 colleges(yeah don't be a
fool...your already an idiot). And get a full 4 year scholarship for just your
grades alone. Than that's when you can talk. For now shut the HELL UP^. I have
to put it in bold print just for you idiots to understand. Baby girl that's just
a few things my schooling has offerd me. You don't have nothing on me so stop
trying. You will keep getting your feelings hurt.

Well not really, because your dumb ass is b~l~a~C~K~L~i~S~t~e~D(blacklisted).
(Got to spell it out slowly for the speds) When you get to my level (a
graduate...and much more) I will be happy to waste my time on you.
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› 30 Jun 07  
Fuking Bitch Answer me
why in hell you pisses ever nice sweet person on this site off
you need to get a damn life heck i never even talked to you and i almost never
but i have read so many things about you that i have to ask
you are worst that my stupid grandma
heck i thought she was dumb but you , you make peanut shells look smart
you are so evil and mean and your a real racist
i HATE racist
RaverAlchemist , Danielle ,SithWedgie , MrHello
they are all very nice people and your being mean to them for no reason
you should be very ashamed of your self and
your how old 17 going on 2 heck i am 13 and i know how to act more my age than
you do
if your gana be mean to people on this site and lie about them
at least know that the China girl ain't from china dumb ass 
heck i even knew she was not from china 
please for once leave every one of them alone cant you see raveralchemist has a
hard time already
you just add to her torture
pinkypink2 1 Jul 07  
There is something wrong with you little one. Ask your teacher if you can get
kept back. Chinese. Japenese... same thing. Now your a little to young wait to
you get on my level. Than we can exchange need to stop cursing on my
page. This is a no cursing zone.
MrHello 30 Jun 07  
Okay you fucking whore,word on the street you called danielle a loser like her
Well,that had to involve me
So bitch fuck off

You started the ignorance,and bitch please
Your just a hoe in pink
"Once a whore nothing more" might fit you very well

And,you sent that so called "threatning" message to SithWedgie and
RaverAlchemist too
Don't lie,your a fucking cuntbag
pinkypink2 30 Jun 07  
Mr who? Oh that's how un~important  you are. I forgot your name already(gone).I
told all of you where I live. Stop waisting my time by writing meaningless
letters over the internet. You must be another emo!
psychoticangel159 30 Jun 07  
Okay. This "China" you speak of is Japanese, as a first. Second, as it's
understood, YOU started the racism. And third, why would you need people
"beating her up" if you think you're dignified? 

Sad case.
pinkypink2 30 Jun 07  
Your even sader...

I don't have time for you...learn to respect your elders. 

You got an ugly name... what is it again? psycholoser  

Your probably emo rei. Stop setting yourself up. I know its you or one of your
nerdy friends. Most likely you unless I am dealing with a lesbo case.
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