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Top Music On My View - Random Order Ne-Yo - Single Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers I Hate This Part - Pussycat Dolls Love Shy - Platinum Disturbia - Rihanna Dats All 4 Now - Cnt B Bothered 2 Do More... - I'll Add Sum L8er -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kwl Websites... Sum Of These, U Have 2 B Over 13 4: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- JOKES!! A Boy Had to Learn The first 3 letters of the Alphabet for His Homework. He Went Home & learned the 1st word, which was take off. The Next day, he went to the zoo, & Learned the 2nd word, which was zebra; but he said it lyk zee bra because he was American. The 3rd day he learned the word baby, because his mum was pregnant. When he went to school the next day, his teacher asked him to say the 3 letters of the alphabet. He Said Take Off Zee Bra Baby. ~~~~~~~~ # Says: Knock Knock @ Says: Who's There # Says: Boo @ Says: Boo Hoo # Says: Why Are You Crying? ~~~~~~~~ So 3 friends are trapped on an island. 1 of thems a blonde, one of thems a Brunette, and the others a red-head. So they're on the island when a genie appears and grants them each one wish. "I wanna go home to my family" Says the Brunette. And shes gone. "I'd like to go back to my home and see my boyfriend." Says the blonde. Poof, she's gone. Then its the red-head's turn. "Hmmm.." She says thinking "I'm lonley, I want my friends back" ~~~~~~~~ There was a blonde who decided to dye her hair brown and prove that all blondes arent dumb, so she dyed her hair and went to a farm, she said to the farmer if i count all your sheep can I keep one ? and the farmer said "sure" so the blonde came back and said "theres 64 sheep" and the farmer says "thats right!, pick your sheep" so she goes and takes her pick. then the farmer says "if i guess your natural hair colour will you give it back?" so the blonde says "yeah, sure" then the farmer goess, "blonde, now give me back my dog" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Well Anyways I G2G Now... BTW.. My Bebo - MahishaJ Myspace - Msn - Yahoo - Same As Msn
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CASSIDY_CUTIE_400 says:   1 December 2008   112864  
ok will do
i know
Amy_Bby says:   12 January 2009   578157  
you suckk - so does IMVU
pinkypincessz says:   20 January 2009   661476  
Amy_Bby : Ur Jus A Bastard Wi No Lyf. So Piss Off Gaylord.
‹Ty=)› says :   25 March 2009   474976  
No, no1 cares 
Onlii U 

Weirdo =>

yeah thanx 4 the little message on my diary yeah real sweet
oh  yeah that's what u put above and now im giving it 2 you
what goes around comes around => => =>

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