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god 1
Uploaded: 25 January 2012
Picture: god 1

the_girl_that_never_was says:   7 March 2012   543592  
‹djdave10109› says:   7 March 2012   933165  
if you take the outer circles and follow them to the middle one you
follow god its gods question
BJEG5 says:   28 March 2012   560101  
im so confused
TheNameIs says:   3 May 2012   951076  
The father is not the son
The father is god
The father is not the holy spirit
And so on...
‹djdave10109› says:   3 May 2012   599873  
yeah you get it
‹๑۩ჩlმეκ პყპ ρპმჰ๑۩› says:   11 June 2012   980217  
than wht do you think god is????
‹djdave10109› says:   11 June 2012   762958  
the holy ghost
‹Sathanas› says:   28 June 2012   760702  
‹djdave10109› says:   16 August 2012   813764  
your saying im not a follower of god when i have a bible a youth
bible 4 identity books listern to christian music go to church run a
church based youth club been baptised
‹djdave10109› says:   22 March 2013   573061  
mate i dont need you facts their crap tbh and god does exist i have
been baptised you and others may not believe it but others do so
thanks for your time but not really necessery
‹frecklebutt› says:   22 March 2013   694996  
Um, you do realise I'm a fully baptised Roman Catholic, right?
I just don't really believe the bible is the truth.
I don't even think there's a heaven or hell, or an afterlife for that

‹ㅑJïNxㅜㅇNㅕ› says :   15 March 2015   483101  
If this pic is inappropriate, just ignore it.
Commenting will even make it popular!

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