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insanity is a blessing not a curse!

Right now i feel like a 3 toed sloth i feel like doing everything vvvveeeerrrryyyy sssslllloooowwwwllllyyyy but now i feel like a cheetah and feel like doing everything at insane speeds!!!!!! i feel very random right now! i am going to tell you about my life with a family of 27. well... when i was just a little insane girl i decided that i wanted to ride a pangolin my 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, and 17th daddys said they would buy me the largest pangolin in the world but all my other daddys said that it was too dangerous. so i ran upstairs to my kitchen fell to the ceiling and started laughing in agony. All i wanted was to ride a pangolin! Why couldn't i take one short, safe, simple ride on a pangolin. so when i saw the largest pangolin in the world i asked my mommys if i could keep it but they said that i would have to make it a pen in the back. so i walked up to the pangolinand asked it if it would help me build it a pen in the back and if it would let me keep it in my paper crane that i made for it. it asked me "why would i need a pen if you have a crane all ready for me?" (for this was a very sensible pangolin, very unlike the pangolins i had met in czechslavakia.) you guys hold on and i will finish this amazing story l8er!!!!!@#$%^&*!!!!!!! Okay so continuing And so this pangolin convinced me to gather my whole family in a pop can to talk this matter over. So this is exactly how it went... me-My, to be, pretty pink pangolin has informed me of a small dilemma! mommy # 17- What might that dilemma be sweetie pie? mommy # 3-I don't want to know what the dilema is i just want to get out of this stupid f-ing pop can! mommy # 17- Well i want to know what the dilemma is and no one is leaving this "stupid f-ing pop can" until i know what it is! daddy # 7, 9, 3, 6, 8, 1, 2, and 12- FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHTetc. mommy # 17 and # 3 are on the ground beating the living beeeeeeeep out of each other! mommy # 17 wins! mommy# 17- Now dear sweetie pie what is the dilemma? me-has any one heard of Storm Large? everyone but me- WHAT? me- oh... right, the dilemma... well the pangolin has informed me that if i already have a paper crane for it to live in then why build a pen for it? mommys- Well then, don't! We don't think you need one if you have a paper crane for it to live in! me- oh... well... thank you then i shall go inform the pangolin! And so as you can see the pangolin got to live inside a paper crane for the rest of its life for right now the pangolin is no longer with us. He is inside a duck-billed platypuss(chopped into little bits(by me(muah hahahaha(teehee(hahahhahahaha...hahahahaha...hahaha...haha...ha...*breath*hahahaha...hahaha...haha...ha...ha)))))
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  parrot_luver — Page created: 17 June 2007  |  Last modified: 13 July 2007
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cori_the_cutie_272 writes:   18 June 2007   242885  
Do you realize that if insanity is a blessing then most of the world has been


B-)    :-P
parrot_luver says :   1 July 2007   593363  
i do not care!

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