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Anime: Watched, Finished, In Progress, Future Watches.

Here is just a list of all the Animes I have watched. I just wanted to see how many I could remember... I'm sure there is even some I'm forgetting. I love cosplaying to, so to keep track I'm going to put that here too! I didn't just put finished since some are really long and I did not watch each episode (naruto, sailor moon, yu-gi-oh, etc.) And for some I eventually got bored with it and stopped but most, I have actually watched from beginning to end... oh I have no life. Watched/Finished: ✔ Air Gear ✔ Aishteru Baby ✔ Another ✔ Azu Manga Daioh ✔ Black Butler ✔ Black Rock Shooter OVA ✔ Card Captor Sakura ✔ Case Closed ✔ Chobits ✔ Cooking Master Boy ✔ Detective Academy ✔ Fate Stay Night ✔ Fruits Basket ✔ Gakuen Heaven ✔ Hamtaro ✔High school of the Dead ✔ Inuyasha ✔ Junjou Romantica ✔ Kaichou wa Maid-Sama ✔ Kamichama Karin ✔ Karin (Chibi Vampire) ✔ Kiss X Sis ✔ Lucky Star ✔ Mermaid Melody ✔ Naruto ✔ Okane Ga Nai ✔ Ouran High School Host Club ✔ Prince of Tennis ✔ Princess Princess Princess ✔ Sailor Moon ✔ Sensitive Pornograph ✔ Skip Beat! ✔ Soul Eater ✔ Vampire Knight ✔ Yakitate!!! Japan ✔ Yu-Gi-Oh In Progress: ►Ao no Excorcist (Blue Exorcist) ►Bleach ►Fairy Tail (ALL TIME FAVORITE) ►Hetalia Yet to Start: ►HunterxHunter ►Lovely Idol? ►Black rock Shooter TV ►Puella Magi Madoka Magica ►Danshi KouKousei No Nichijou ►Angel Beats ►Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt ►Sekai-ichii Hatsukoi Anime ►07-GHOST ►xxxHolic (actually tried to watch it, but got bored. Might try again) ►Fractale ►Hayate no Gotoku ►Guilty Crown (really want to watch this own) Cosplayed: Gaara - Naruto Tsubaki- Soul Eater Bon - Blue Exorcist Raichu - Pokemon Future Cosplays: Misaki - Kaichou wa Maid-sama Rei or Saya - High School of the Dead Natsu or Gray - Fairy Tail Hisagi Shuuhei - Bleach Chun Li - Street Fighter One of the Eevee evolutions - Pokemon
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‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› cries:   11 July 2012   710736  

*Sobbs in an emo corner*
the ending... THE ENDING!!!!!!
‹αѕѕвυтт› says:   12 July 2012   184848  
If you can, Elfen Lied.
‹Ms.Pandanie!~› says:   14 July 2012   900461  
Haha will do. xD

My friend recommended me to watch Elfen Lied but others said it was, uh,
‹<♬>Minnie♥Melody<♬>› sings:   14 July 2012   349147  
Veeeery... but if you don't mind that stuff, plus the gore and tragity in it than
it's a pretty good series.... 
‹Ms.Pandanie!~› says:   14 July 2012   573546  
haha ok, I'll check it out! 
‹*Always Remembered, yet Forever Forgotten*› says:   13 September 2012   624332  
Watch Seikon no Qwaser
‹Ms.Pandanie!~› says:   15 September 2012   205229  
‹*Always Remembered, yet Forever Forgotten*› says :   16 September 2012   871337  

And also Clannad 

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