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The truth about My Club.

Hello, some of you may know about this account, others won't so I shall explain. The Account The outnotin was first created as a feelings account, for me to rant, however, since my first diary The truth about Kupika I have decided to use this account as a place to store my diaries that express the truth about things. Hopefully you will find these interesting, I fully understand that you may not agree with the points in them, but go on have a read - you know you want to. The Club Now, this is the reason I created this account to explain about the club I am planning on creating. Basically it will be a club where you be able to express the truth about certain subjects, you will then be able to discuss your points with the other members etc. hopefully, we will end up with a darling club where everyone will be expressing their views and then discussing. Now doesn't that sound nice? To Join If you care to join the club you will have to fill in the form at the bottom of the page, send it to me in a message and then click to join the club. Simple, really. I will decide if you get in or not, if you don't get in it's because: a) you don't appear to understand grammar, at least try guys! b) I don't think you'll get on very well in it. Don't like it? Bite me. My Diaries This will be updated as I write more diaries, they're just here to basically give you an idea of what we're expecting in the club. The truth about Kupika. The truth about Hate Mail. The Form*
☆ What do we call you:
☆ General residence:
☆ How old are you:
☆ How long have you been on Kupika:
☆ What are your favourite things to discuss:
☆ An example of discussing skills/writing about something:**

* If I do not find this in a message I will not let you join. It does not count if it is in a comment on this page.
** If I do not have an example of either of these I will not let you join.
Any questions? Just message me. KTHXBAI.
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  outnotin — Page created: 28 May 2009
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