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A Courageous Dog
Uploaded: 3 March 2010
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‹๑۩۞ Dírtч Líttlє Frєαk ۞۩๑› says:   3 March 2010   502723  
Awww. I used to love that show. <33 This is adorable BTW. <33
Neriko says:   3 March 2010   995554  
LOVE LOVE  ♥//u//♥
So awesome ~  I like that BG!  Fits the mood so well xD

Me too!  Use to watch it whenever it came on Cartoon Network :D
I was sad that they stopped airing it ... 
XDoodle_SoupX says:   3 March 2010   977029  
hhallh13 says:   3 March 2010   535746  
hahahah. i loveeee it!
sugartastic says:   3 March 2010   431025  
I love it, Doo! :D It's so cute! I remember you drawing something
like this a long time ago -- I think it was in your notebooks, or was
it on the computer...? o.o I can't remember! But I liked the purple
tone you used for everything (you did it here too). I think it gives
it a very Courage-y look! 8D; And I like that you gave him freckles
(like his spots) and the hole in his teeth. It's neat that you
transferred some of his doggy features into a humanized version. :D
Reminds me of the creator of Lackadaisy and the way she humanized her
animal characters too. ^^

And maaan the sky looks coooool! +_+ It looks just like the sky from
the show! I still think the purple coloring is the coolest. :3 And he
looks pale and has baggy scared-looking eyes, which is very him!
-nodnod- It's neat. ;u; Good job and stuffs and junk! Put it on
deviantART! :D
‹Sossidge› says:   3 March 2010   177636  
This is great. ♥
I swear, your style gets cuter every time you draw something new~
And the background on this is freakin' great!
I want to have this drawing's babies <3 <3 <3

I love this. 
I think this is my favorite drawing of yours. :'D
‹Sossidge› says:   3 March 2010   281512  
Ffffff I forgot to do . O: 

My bad.
‹Sossidge› says:   3 March 2010   248689  

I forgot to do the /s thing. 

And it wouldn't show on that last comment. >:C 

Sorry about the spammage. D: Gaaahhhh.
friedtofu says:   3 March 2010   400749  
IT'S SO CUTEEE. Courage isn't cowardly. :D
‹♥Strange Old Haven♥› says:   4 March 2010   782765  
i saw it not to long ago on tv. It is hard to find, but it is still on
every once in a while, but when i saw it i was babysitting and it was
in Spanish for reason, so i could not understand it. FML 
‹♥DesireHope♥› says:   4 March 2010   706957  
OMG!!! Thats like AWESOME beyond AWESOME~. I miss watching that show
and this picture is ssssoooo preetyful too ;D
‹MorningDreamer♥› says:   4 March 2010   117448  
LOVE IT ♥ And I love the show ^_^
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says:   5 March 2010   948804  
hahahahahahah! I LOVE that show!
Malia_Tayamara says:   6 March 2010   782556  
If Sasori and Gaara had a kid who had kids with a dog.....
CaptnQ says:   6 March 2010   851956  
Bah, I love the pose in this. 8D
angelicstubborness says:   6 March 2010   638787  
KOTORgamegirl says:   7 March 2010   851490  
OMG This is so amazing. x3
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   7 March 2010   305953  
@PleaseRemember Thank you! n_n I loved the cartoon too! It
still airs, you know? @w@
@995554=Neriko Thank you~! Ha, I tried to imitate the cartoon's
backgrounds, but I think I failed. >w< Oh, Cartoon Network just
started airing it again, you know? My DVR box is recording it! ^o^
@XDoodle_SoupX Haha, thanks. X3
@hhallh13 Thank you, darlin'! :3
@sugartastic Wow, thanks, Nicole! :D Yeah, it was in a
notebook. I had no idea you looked at that! :O Haha, and the way you
noticed those details is great! I had thought no one bothered. X3

Gee, I wish I would've left a nice comment like this on your Courage
oekaki. D: I'm just bad with words... Sorry... It was cute though! C:
You should be proud of it!
@NintendoDS Haha, thank you very much! n_n Same to you! And
don't worry about the spam, I understand... IT ACTUALLY MAKES ME MORE
POPYEWLOAR. Thanks for that! >w<
@Eternal_Lovers That's true. Oh my gosh, Spanish? Haha, that
sucks! I would've started crying right there. TwT
@Anime_Lover_Girl Thanks. :D And same here, it's a good
cartoon, man! D: They need to give it more credit.
@sadlittleemogirl Thank you. And same here. C:
@Ningyo_Tanshin Me too! X3
@Malia_Tayamara XDDD Sorry if that disturbed you!
@CaptnQ Really? Thanks! ^_^
@angelicstubborness X3
@KOTORgamegirl Thank you~! <3 
‹PalletTown› says:   8 April 2010   395386  
so darn cuteeeeeeee!!1
great work doo! as always XD
‹ღJєѕѕιє яαωяѕღ› says:   17 April 2010   917522  
courage! awsomeness  cx
I luv the background!
‹♥ Doo ♥› says:   21 July 2010   328778  
Thanks, Emma~! <3
Yay Courage! X3 And thanks, I'm glad to hear you like it. :3 
‹TheLittleCrazyHider› says:   17 September 2010   699612  
Hmmmmmm I've never seen that show before! But isso awesome! I love it
egirlpower says:   31 October 2010   145345  
This is so cool!
I love the style of your art! This drawing almost looks creepy, but
still can be cute at the same time... ♥
I love the clothing especially! It's drawn so neatly!
meluna says :   15 March 2012   164449  
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