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Uploaded: 4 August 2009
besides that random announcement and spam: (btw check here: for info)

This is just a little thingy jig I decided to randomly do. =P (It's like that Dev ID
thing but oh wells... I'm missing the humongous face of mine somewhere there...

oh whatever, I was bored. 

I just wanted to draw my tablet pen, lol. (what a lame excuse...)

Anyways, school starts tomorrow for me. :/ wish me luck.

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mynameissecret says:   4 August 2009   639857  
then gud luck^^
‹Lost.♥.Confused› says:   4 August 2009   128591  
yur not stupid or fail. T^T dont make me cry lykee that. :< when i finally get 3 kp again, can we do an art-trade? ^ - ^; i already did one. you may look at it if you like. =] i just dont draw faces.
‹Lost.♥.Confused› says:   4 August 2009   983286  
good luck, btw. :3
‹??????› says:   4 August 2009   653915  
No, it should be:

This is awesome, I especially like the pose. c:
Yep, good luck! ;~;
lollylovex3 says:   4 August 2009   365536  
‹[~ ♥Kanashimi♥ ~]› says:   4 August 2009   546586  
You make me want to kill puppies. o_e
Hyperpixie says:   4 August 2009   259483  
Like the HUGE tablet pen.
‹RainbowRains› says:   4 August 2009   623593  
good picture .
bad stats??
emmapupster says:   4 August 2009   978873  
‹H.T.T.M.G.› writes:   4 August 2009   149579  
I check the link and I guess I'll be first to request thenn..
redyuu says:   4 August 2009   968663  
;; this is so cool~ i want to make one too XD!
<3<3<3 D8< OI WTF the stats are all wrong~ there should be a new
category called "awesome" with a million stars next to it : D!
sweetashes says:   4 August 2009   732918  
I think you misspelled 'win' by the says 'fail' that's not
right. :C
DoOp says:   4 August 2009   887398  
we should all do that on kupika!!! but i failed at the DA id thing

nomnomg says:   4 August 2009   378992  
LOL i want a commisssioon =D !!!!!!! mee YOUR HYUNG X_X
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says:   4 August 2009   839797  
what about me? cant i get 1? but all i have to pay is a cookie.
‹PalletTown› says:   6 August 2009   189438  
thats a good idea!
minakami says:   6 August 2009   617148  
haha great job xD
fail xDDD
lol you rock!!
Yurichan123 says:   6 August 2009   493628  
This is funny  XD  I'm going to give you my honest opinion:
Maximum is 10 stars

Strength: *******
Stupidness: * (for thinking that you are a failure)
Speed: ********
Accuracy: **********
‹eff-you-see-kay-el-oh-vee-eh› says:   7 August 2009   663616  
‹Cassidy916› says:   7 August 2009   982589  
wow ur a really good artist
slave_boy says:   8 August 2009   411195  
hey, could you comision something for me?
‹Ambulance› says:   8 August 2009   793621  
My gawd dood, you don't fail, your taking over kupika's oekaki board.
orangelove47 says:   8 August 2009   632226  
aww it's okay...
‹??????› says:   11 August 2009   934126  
I went to the page. I thought we had an artrade. If not, may we? :3
Kyun_yo says:   11 August 2009   871271  
xD Lol, sure. =D
nanda_96 says:   16 August 2009   893692  
hahah this looks reall :]
‹~Confuzzlement~› says:   3 September 2009   135595  
did you draw this? cuz if you did then this is AWSOME!!!!!!!!
‹♚Initial~Aura♚› says :   27 September 2009   354557  
oh my... O.O
this is too good :D
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