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This public Oekaki was created by ‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫›   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by ‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫›
Uploaded: 8 March 2008
this hurt in real life not here

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xxLoveXXCarlottexxx says:   8 March 2008   558947  
your single? ooh la la
sweetgurl_123 says:   8 March 2008   559933  
wha???? o_O
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   8 March 2008   566349  
yea i am single in real
xxLoveXXCarlottexxx says:   8 March 2008   837835  
oh sad
AerithLight says:   8 March 2008   225161  
Sweetgurl_123: It says :


>>From someone who has a problem in his life

I want to give you an advice, about dating.
You should stay single.
and alone,
in real life.

Because love will cause you pain/hurt, then you will be looking into
('Cause love will hurt you, and you'll die)
Stay single, if you want to stay alive.
sweetgurl_123 says:   8 March 2008   551941  
*blonde moment!!*  xD
ChocolateMoo says:   8 March 2008   738778  
Love like honeyy xD
‹duckie› says:   8 March 2008   892243  
okay cool!
RAINBOWLOVER21 says:   8 March 2008   545448  
man *hugz*u r so special to me
RAINBOWLOVER21 says:   8 March 2008   131562  
i will kidnap this u r such a good artist
‹Jamssy› says:   8 March 2008   477147  
ok.....you want us to stay single?
‹Jamssy› says:   8 March 2008   538385  
then i'll kidnap it..
Kiba_Inuzuka says:   9 March 2008   336153  
Um okayz (hes obbsessed wiht a gurl i know)

LOL in a ood way if u haven tknowticed every one loves u get out there
and find that person who wants to b w/ u
trust me it'll hurt more to die alone.
Tam says:   11 March 2008   896153  
Awwwww wat hapend to the happy times when you were in love it can
make people so happy just beacause It might have a harsh ending theres
everyone for somone be happy times like theses is when you pick your
self up and im sure your ganna find someone worth wile lol my words of
wisdom are so random
_RainbowSparkle_ says:   11 March 2008   723983  
I don't really like this sorry..
People in love are the most happy people ever
why don't be in love?
its not like you can do anything from it..
I mean when your in love, your in love. [ Makes sence huh?]
Even though braking up hurts ints only temporairy[?]
And once you find 'The one" 
Love is a good thing
punk_kid_oooo says:   11 March 2008   761477  
Ive been single 4 a long time cuza how much love hurt me last

 I AGREE!!!!!
STAY SINGLE OR DIE!!!!!!!!! (im alredy dead!!OH WELL NO1 CARES :D)
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   11 March 2008   683983  
yea love = death
ChocolateMoo says:   11 March 2008   895518  
Love doesn't always equal Death you know?
&& I agree with RainbowSparkle... :/
You have to find the right one before you
can just fall in love with every single person you like!!!! >:O
That's just plain dumb,&& I think this is stupid...
I'm sorry,but what I said is true D:
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   11 March 2008   156559  
i tired and everyone hurt me my friends , girls , Gf ...all want hurt me there is no love .....if u want to die u should date a girl
wangdoogle says:   11 March 2008   272847  

if I wanna die I have to date a girl? what?
‹PerfectShame;› says:   11 March 2008   754475  
Where is the love people ask..
The answer- wondering around the world,  killing people.
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   11 March 2008   453662  
believe me this is the truth
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   11 March 2008   679499  
But Love can be okay.
Just because you haven't loved yet, doesn't mean you can't.
Love is patient.
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   11 March 2008   697741  
i don't think so
2_sexxy_4_u says:   11 March 2008   628731  
awwwwwwwwww but im not single but wat u said it tru <3 but still i
love , love
korey_bo_borey says:   11 March 2008   818887  
I can't make sense of this in my cranium...?

‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   11 March 2008   181969  
popsciclexdino says:   11 March 2008   381774  
sad.................but true

i'd know.....................
shawnman says:   11 March 2008   211822  
dude i could not agree more and i would know
shawnman says:   11 March 2008   636156  
i know how u feel
‹In♥His♥Shadow› says:   11 March 2008   272526  
I agree to an extent, love can hurt more than any injury, but the
expirence is what matters right? You have to good memories that keep
you going, love may kill you, but you could say you had the time of
your life.
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   12 March 2008   441894  
love + kiss + hug = death
‹*Expired*› says:   12 March 2008   119448  
It does???
Weird equation.^_^;
nijntje says:   12 March 2008   426446  
Ugh, whats wrong with people nowaday's 
Love isn't death..
Im sorry to say but your a bit pathetic.
If you rather be alone all your life go ahead, Being alone hurts more
then love, trust me.
Tam says:   12 March 2008   728662  
*hugs* awww i feel sorry for you 
oooops i didnt mean hug as death a sorry hug that dosent cout!
‹Katieee› says:   12 March 2008   258915  
i had a boyfriend and he was cheating on me.
i broke up with him.
but i was lucky that i didn't think of suicide.
but im just happy im not with him cuz he is now going out with my
friend and he's cheating on her too.
she knows he is, but she said she doesn't care.
i just hope she doesn't get hurt how i did.
but sometimes being single does hurt too.
aiichanxP says:   12 March 2008   211819  
When i had a crush on this guy iw as as happy as ever
i told him and he started paying more attention to me
but gosh ym teacher moved his desk and now hes talking to my ex best
friend and she likes him
darkoekaki says:   12 March 2008   782312  
Love has its ups and downs.
Stop being so damn pessimistic about it.
Maybe it will come out alright.

Love is a wonderful feeling, and many people who truly are in love are
happy with it, and with each other.
Just because you're scared of it, don't ruin it for others.

Stand up, and try again.
There's no use wallowing in self-pity.
There's no use rejecting it.

It will come, whether you want it or not.
ChocolateMoo says:   12 March 2008   118118  
It is true!
Please don't make people get the wrong idea!!! >:O
I think you should delete this....please =/
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   13 March 2008   155188  
this is my feelings
GhostlyEdward says:   13 March 2008   795539  
not all love is like that.
I'm dating Tuxedo, 
things are amazing. I've never been happier.

You are being rather pathetic about it. -_-
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   13 March 2008   173411  
Tuxedo is a great girl she wont hurt u she is angel
‹SupernaturalFTW<3› says:   16 March 2008   885196  
i know how you feel....sort of.
my friend had a gf and he really screwed up and know he wants to die.
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   16 March 2008   469825  
‹lumière du soleil› says:   4 June 2008   154322  
you're right ahmed,LOVE HURTS,love is only in fairytales,every love
has to end..a dead end
‹lumière du soleil› says:   4 June 2008   382467  
love is beautiful to people who feel it and are in it,it's a
nightmare for broken hearts
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   5 June 2008   635713  
mesh 3aref
‹Beth;ICan;Make;You;Believe;In;Love&&;Sex&&;Magic› says:   9 July 2008   893613  
love is the best thing that eva happened to me.
Love in my friends,pets =]
its what makes special ppl unique
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says:   9 July 2008   119825  
no love
‹♥Hope;;The Little Blue Bandaid♥› says:   18 November 2008   112473  
OMG. WTF?.... i have a real b/f ..... yeah.... several diff guys like
me, but i love him!!! ^^
‹♫~ G.A.M.E.B.O.Y ....IS BACK AGAIN ~♫› says :   18 November 2008   518899  
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