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request by Mewmewichigo!!
Uploaded: 23 January 2007
This is a request by mewmewichigo. She requested I draw her avatar. 
Somehow I can't shake the feeling I was drawing Alice. =^_^= I mean Alice in
wonderland Lolz.

*checks oekaki* *died* Holy ----- I forgot the wings!!!!!!! >.< *bangs head on wall*
*bleeds* *dies*

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mewmewichigo says:   23 January 2007   659982  
mewmewichigo says:   23 January 2007   643173  
oh and besides the angel got saved cuz you only did a
shoulder piccy and the angel wings are on my BACK!!!!
LadyDa says:   23 January 2007   594392  
quit yer whining!
i think it's glorious
Sashikinoneko says:   23 January 2007   141741  
*quits whining* Yayz!! glomps* I'm saveeeeeed~!!! XD I'm glad u like
it!! XD and LadyDa, I wasn't whining ^_^"
sagebff says:   23 January 2007   851613  
o.. so cute ^.~
‹Sophie<3› says:   23 January 2007   844753  
tats realy goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood
toohot4myluv says:   23 January 2007   198176  
SO GOOOD! Can I request? Puh-weeeze? *poutypout*
jewlsbunny says:   23 January 2007   718244  
Omg thats so good i luv bunny girls!
thats great!
*sneaks to the door and grabs picture*
ha ha ha i am kidnapping it!
‹Push the Button› says:   23 January 2007   788728  
aww thats so kawai!!
yummiiXcookii says:   23 January 2007   777473  
bunnii~ ^____^
mewmewichigo says:   23 January 2007   686616  
woot woot! ITS MEH!!!
Thunder says:   23 January 2007   252391  
so cool, you rock at drawin!
xSakuraxKissx says:   23 January 2007   425427  
awww that's so cuteee!
lynn10 says:   23 January 2007   431665  
can you draw my avatar? please
xSakuraxKissx says:   23 January 2007   465916  
bwahahaha i looked back and counted your oekakis for no reason!
you have umm 41!
hmm i think i lost count somewhere and just started on a random number

‹Puppeh.› says:   23 January 2007   156395  
Sashikinoneko says:   23 January 2007   615267  
Thanks everyone~!!! XD *gives random types of cookies* 

To Sakurakiss: Omg, 41?!! aLREADY??!! *faints* we can only have
mazimum of 50!! Good thing I have another account *sighs in relief*
fuzzyelmoo says:   24 January 2007   754341  
reeeeely good!!!!!! KIDNAPED!
mewmewichigo says:   25 January 2007   197546  
You ACTUALLY have a number or 75 oekaki per account!!!!!!!
animelova says:   25 January 2007   789413  
omg soo nice!!
adreneline_junkie says:   25 January 2007   571398  
‹Brezzy Always› says:   25 January 2007   563838  
dan_09 says:   26 January 2007   169655  
ur a really gud drawa!!!!
xocloe says:   26 January 2007   822328  
aw so gorgeous.may i have one of myself pretty please! *sends
Kanojo says:   26 January 2007   482961  
cute i like that ^^
sugar108 says:   26 January 2007   734889  
Thats really good
kristino2 says:   26 January 2007   773161  
daniella says:   26 January 2007   358593  
SithWedgie says:   26 January 2007   516149  
Its perfect ^ ^ I can't think of anything else to say.
katy says:   27 January 2007   176654  
thats lovely it rockes ....i brang money for another great pic
Lovelychica0 says:   27 January 2007   711132  
OMG.. THATS SO COOL. Youre like one of the best anime drawers here! u
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   27 January 2007   439335  
Yay MewMewIchigo!!! Huzah!!
princessgirl says:   27 January 2007   998383  
so pretty in her words
socrbratx18 says:   27 January 2007   348376  
it is soo gooddd lol
missy1234 says:   27 January 2007   551691  
thats very pretty
cutafull95 says:   27 January 2007   428522  
CUTE! I luv it!
cutafull95 says:   27 January 2007   613219  
can someone give me advice on how to draw frickin eyes? i suck at it!
Sashikinoneko says:   27 January 2007   217496  
Please visit my oekaki tutorial: Coloring its on my kupi pages
^_____^  U can see how I draw the eyes there
Aranee says:   28 January 2007   825734  
wat a wonderful drawing... i used to draw manga pictures like that
until when my heart got broken... I stopped drawing then
Disturbedfan says:   28 January 2007   321741  
i like it too bad my pc will not let me do that
Elisa says:   28 January 2007   524272  
That is sooooooo gooooooooood!!!!!
2_good_4_u says:   28 January 2007   594285  
I love the bunny ears!!!
bubbly573 says:   29 January 2007   329427  
CaileeGirl says:   8 March 2007   455193  
shmexy_jeni says:   13 April 2007   781749  
she looks like me in real life
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   15 July 2007   593565  
I love it, it is so kawaii. do you do request, can you do one of me
Sakura_Purple says:   12 August 2007   218865  
‹Alexis<3› says:   29 December 2007   592239  
Omg  i love it can u make me one?? plz??
Osaka_Muffin says:   8 February 2008   777146  
So cute <3
bethbky says:   25 October 2008   134265  
This is so cute~~~
Smallzsuarez says :   22 December 2010   518625  
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