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Uploaded: 18 April 2007
Lol, ok so before you throw your diapers at me and tell me how pervert i am....
First click the back button and go somewhere else.

It's not like i'M showing anything bad... O___o geez be mature at it will ya? 
Even my 8 years old sister it's not, lol I'm even drawing this in front of my
siblings lol and asked them if it's p-ervy..... they said nope.

BTw i'm gonna work on the requests people haD ALREADY PAID~!

^^; next imma gonna work on beautifulontheinside's request...

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x_Kute_Kau_x says:   18 April 2007   525948  
if people think that is pervy.....they are like my last piece of
Oekei...that is a beautiful piece of work.......keep going
camille_con97 says:   18 April 2007   875942  
I think its pretty~!!

I know how other people are like
"Uhhh" or "...."
Its art people~!!
panda says:   18 April 2007   661545  
is she n*****?
‹goodfornothing› says:   18 April 2007   623654  
jeez this is not pervy people!!! it's really good art and thats that!
fuzzyelmoo says:   18 April 2007   687775  
yes panda...she is in her b-day suit.......

this is awsome!!!!!!!!!
eragon_gal14 says:   18 April 2007   914819  
this is sooo pretty! its good art and hats all that is to be said!
mewmewichigo says:   18 April 2007   256794  
Its a really good oekaki! Its totally not perv-y!
koroko says:   18 April 2007   475599  
ooooo thats so pretty!! i dont care thats its naked!! its good! nice
job twinneh!
GaaraFan says:   18 April 2007   363398  
OMG!!! thats pretty!
yumi says:   18 April 2007   546839  
omg *falls off chair* this is so pretty !!!! * lies on ground * XD
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   18 April 2007   241488  
this is good
Centile says:   18 April 2007   211246  
b-day suit
 it's very pretty! i like the background!
_HeLlOyOu_ says:   18 April 2007   731691  
Cowyeshia says:   18 April 2007   584475  
This is good. And I don't see anything bad. Its not like you drew
liora says:   18 April 2007   773578  
It's pretty!Oh,.....and the people that think your
perverted,....well.....their actually perverted because their the ones
that think like that!Its very pretty!
‹Push the Button› says:   18 April 2007   575257  
Oo pwetty-ful ^_~
cute_monkey says:   18 April 2007   154488  
thats cool!
(im 11 and who cares!)
Kiraii says:   18 April 2007   685917  
Damn, that's NOT perverted.
If anyone says it is, they're REALLY immature.
Nice oekaki!
I really like her hairrr!
And the idea of reincarnation, too!
‹Alexandria.♥› says:   18 April 2007   174937  
I luvelz it!
Apparerently no one thinks it's perverted
I don't see any comments like that
burberry_girlie says:   19 April 2007   788865  
i dont think that its perverted mi mom draws like that i dont care
but its a relle well drawn pic!
koroko says:   19 April 2007   363698  
nice job twin!! hehe your ma twin!!
imsohot says:   19 April 2007   391476  
beautiful! =D
animeXOtalktomeonwatersair says:   19 April 2007   934284  
could u show us how u draw them instead of just leaving me banging my
head against the wall?
kristino says:   19 April 2007   386698  
its gorgeous.
your amazing!
i wish for your talent.
oresama whispers:   20 April 2007   587127  
Kireiiii~~! ^__^
clouds12 says:   20 April 2007   982239  
i love the hair!!! *gasps*

it isn't pervy ! ! !
Poxie says:   20 April 2007   273172  
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa booby
‹Puppeh.› says:   20 April 2007   768258  
I love it!

Theres nothing perv about it, it's rebirth lol.
Vaporeon says:   21 April 2007   991493  
its so pretty^^
SoSceneItHurts says:   21 April 2007   594265  
One word.
Well, two.
Artistic Nudity.
Really good!
My_Chemical_Romance_MCR says:   21 April 2007   794984  
WOW fabulous drawing xDD
FaerieClubKim says:   21 April 2007   796223  
it's not pervvy, how can it be pervvy when it's ReBirth?!?!?!?!Birth
always starts with a naked baby, and that's EVERYONE!ReBirth has the
same logic only, you start out like yourself when you died.
xeinotsu says:   21 April 2007   872669  

Psshh, if someone thinks that's pervy, then they need to read more
Beautiful work.
Chirachira says:   21 April 2007   699127  
I spazzed out really bad when I saw this.

Pervy? You ARE joking right?

Gawd people, if BIRTH is in the title, it's probably partly naked
SheriBerry says:   21 April 2007   433439  
wow...i think thats good! its not pervy at all
SithWedgie says:   21 April 2007   566173  
I thought I left a comment on this...  Well, I KNOW it isn't pervy or
wrong at all ^ ^
pimp221 says:   22 April 2007   729155  
Nunc says:   22 April 2007   866153  
This reminds me of my Angel Sanctuary art book. xD it had the same
pose as this, except it was a guy. xP
ChewyLover_210 says:   22 April 2007   427893  
your not bad. it's a "natural" picture
Midna121 says:   22 April 2007   432936  
That is beautiful!! If people think that is gross then they dont know
art work!!!! That is so beautiful!!
donteatglue says:   22 April 2007   938399  
wow wow wow wow wow
‹tea-anna› says:   23 April 2007   489362  
Whoever DOES find this picture 'pervety' has serious problems. Great
work, Naive! ^.^
strawberrygirl says:   23 April 2007   954727  
well that is only art its not real and i think that this is s really
really great pic
Mistress_Crystal says:   23 April 2007   773236  
wow that is good
FaerieClubKim says:   24 April 2007   732217  
lolz, if everyone lives in anime, all the boys that saw this would
have nosebleeded, and this is art!!!!!I mean, a lot of art has naked
FaerieClubKim says:   24 April 2007   265521  
oh what the heck, everyone gets the idea.
bornbymorning shouts:   25 April 2007   936235  
Jeez. How can someone say it's pervert? IT'S SOOO NICE!!!
Jassy says:   27 April 2007   592936  
i like it i dont thnk its pervy
Your_Worst_Nightmare says:   27 April 2007   713141  
thts so cool!!!
the_girl_no_one_likes says:   28 April 2007   531333  
i wana use the tamplet how do u do that
‹XxXThe_RavenXxX› says:   15 May 2007   894836  
i love ur drawing i am kidnaping them all
Fizzy says:   21 May 2007   642728  
Amaterasu says:   9 June 2007   335879  
ummm....*KIDNAPS!* I LIKES IT <3 I Cant draw like this to save my
Amaterasu says:   9 June 2007   752251  
<>.> *KIDNAPS!* too pretty
Kevii_Chan says:   31 August 2007   336914  
Being nude is not perverted, I mean have you ever been showering,
look down at yourself and say 'omg tht iz lyk sooo dicuztng'
Woooow ¬_¬
It's a very good chunk of art.
{Chunk wasn't the best word to use, was it?}
It's very good, anyways ^ ^
maive says:   18 November 2007   427975  
‹Darker by the second Colder on the half› says:   3 December 2008   517681  
This is soooooo cool! I love it! I don't know why anybody thinks it's
pervy, it's not sexual at all. IT"S JUST ART PEOPLE DON"T LET IT SCARE
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says :   4 December 2008   129877  
Wow. That's really pretty and soft looking.
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