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Drunk Eridan- my_immortal77
Uploaded: 13 January 2012
O'__'O Happy now, beeeotch?

nmfrjnurhjkji!!! D:>>>>
I forgot his symbol!!!!!! D:>>>>>>>

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‹JimmieRustler› says:   13 January 2012   741946  
lazy coloring 
bullshit fan art.
‹Zairic› says:   13 January 2012   558591  
The coloring is fine.
Whiny wanna be. 
‹Chibi-Otaku› says:   13 January 2012   111600  
-flails- ERIDAN! :D
Come 'ere my lonely babbu~
‹Zairic› says:   13 January 2012   873893  
‹Chibi-Otaku› says:   13 January 2012   534273  
I love Eridan o3o 
‹Zairic› says:   14 January 2012   803299  
‹vodka_chaser!› says:   14 January 2012   497255  
:O :I ....... I LOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!! TT~TT its... so beutifal
‹Zairic› says:   14 January 2012   163104  
O_O Oh rly? 
‹vodka_chaser!› says:   14 January 2012   370074  
y-yes C 
‹vodka_chaser!› says:   14 January 2012   214996  
bitch back the hell up hes mine >:I @IAmsRyoSan 
kills feferi* >:D 
‹Tama_♦› says:   14 January 2012   564592  
Forever alone fishface Eridan :3

I love how you've changed your name and avatar now.
You're still the same immature troll (uh I mean the Earth kind) 
‹Zairic› says:   14 January 2012   992005  
XD I thought she was warned enough...

The sake mkaes him feel less alone? :D
<.< He may be Karkat....possibly...possibly... 
I should spank my patron troll, non? 
‹Tama_♦› says:   14 January 2012   658937  
Yuh, he can forget all his problems and pretend he and Fef are the
only ones left alive xD

Ololol yours is Karkat ololol
Mine is Vriska :3 
‹Zairic› says:   14 January 2012   854568  
>u> Vriska......... 
‹Tama_♦› says:   14 January 2012   121823  
I love Vriska way more than I should ugh 
‹Zairic› says:   14 January 2012   149640  
I love Vriska too. 
Vriska x John FOREVER. 
‹Tama_♦› says:   14 January 2012   250071  
I actually quite like that pairing as of recently^-^
but DaveJohn = OTP 
‹Zairic› says:   14 January 2012   595509  
*doesn't support the pairing in the least* 
‹Tama_♦› says:   14 January 2012   879152  
I dunno, I kind of only like it in a really cutesy way >u<
‹Zairic› says:   14 January 2012   670085  
‹Tama_♦› says:   15 January 2012   413951  
I do not know how to interpret this. <_< 
‹Zairic› says:   15 January 2012   850298  
Lets fill buckets. 
‹Tama_♦› says:   15 January 2012   109094  
‹Zairic› says:   15 January 2012   710333  
YAllxBExbUttHUrrt says:   15 January 2012   975978  
Looks like someone's gay.
‹vodka_chaser!› says:   16 January 2012   551611  
*opens a door and buckkets come flying out* O.O O.e oh my
‹Zairic› says:   16 January 2012   626133  
Gay? Actually the rainbow background was drunken colors....and pretty.
-_- I hate people who see rainbows and think gay.

*wink wink* 
‹vodka_chaser!› says:   16 January 2012   747772  
O.e *quickly puts up all the buckets.... exept one* >.> OOOH ERIDAN
LOOK WHAT I HAVE *holds up a bucket* >:3 
‹Zairic› says:   16 January 2012   569138  
Forevver alone. 
‹vodka_chaser!› says:   17 January 2012   543747  
not anymore >:3 
‹Zairic› says:   17 January 2012   366926  
InsanityOverhaul says :   3 January 2013   933291  
Hahaha omg that's perfect except for his missing symbol. You know if
he's drunk he's just gonna go around asking everyone to fill buckets
and then ranting about how no one will fill buckets with him.
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