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Wolf Study
Uploaded: 6 February 2011
how to draw
I could have refined it more, but I got lazy.  :P

(I'll call the wolf Yanely, after Yanely_a_la_mode, as an apology of how bad my half
of our art trade turned out.  >_< )


I used it in another piece!!! :P

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orangecherrysoda says:   6 February 2011   348816  
It's really pretty. ;-;
‹RushingStars★› says:   6 February 2011   851088  
Wow, I love this. Especially the head/face. :3
Foxleopard says:   6 February 2011   179856  
@orangecherrysoda : Thanks 
@boycrazy_catz126 : Thank you! 
‹??????› says:   6 February 2011   698421  
Oh, you don't have to apologies, and you didn't have to! I
really liked your side of the art trade, it wasn't bad at all! ; 3; I
love them both so very much! Thank you! ; A ; I feel so honoured, this
is truly very wonderful. I really like all the minutiae in this, it's
done so well and pro! It's named Yanely? D'awww, thank you again, she
looks so pretty and soft, and yet strong. :D It's so cool how you know
where to put everything, like the colour of fur and the shading! Thank
youuuu again x4546.~
//kidnaps and saves
‹??????› says:   6 February 2011   968167  
I saw the second one there on dA! <3 I am not worthy of seeing
such phenomenal artwork. QAQ
Ancient_Locket says:   6 February 2011   276213  
This is truly too cool and awesome for kupika.... x_x
It's wonderful how realistic and life-like it looks!!
Like any minute now it's gonna just turn and eat you...O_o
I wouldn't want that wolf coming to my house.

Kupikans who view this and don't comment are just too jealous!!
That's just how awesome this is.~♥
‹✬Kaybell❣› says:   6 February 2011   657790  
THIS IS BEAUTIFUL, as always, deary ;D

Continue with the good work, please?
‹~*~ThatShyGurl~*~› says:   6 February 2011   250007  
wow this is just amazing
‹Loli› says:   6 February 2011   149826  
so pretty and full of detail i love it!!
‹celmisia.★› says:   7 February 2011   364386  
Wow, it's very realistic! The shading is nicely done. It looks
three-dimensional here. :D
Jaune says:   7 February 2011   279518  
This is so awesome * __ *
‹[.R'.]› says:   7 February 2011   852026  
I do adore your art ♥
xXmEaTAlHEADXx says:   7 February 2011   631091  
o thats pretty
‹Tama_♦› says:   9 February 2011   835473  
You are some kind of crazy genius art GOD, aren't you? Just posing as
a normal Kupikan XD
‹Screamo_Emo_Darlin'› says:   9 February 2011   711805  
Amazing  I love wolves. They're my favorite. So obviously I would
love this.

But great details. I love the eyes. ^_^
rawr_salsa says:   9 February 2011   341005  
omigosh it looks so REAL!!! 
‹♠♫ßιρσlαя•έυρнσяια♪♠› says:   9 February 2011   644334  
love it. like always :P
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   10 February 2011   430704  
That is amazing.

It actually looks like a real wolf!
Foxleopard says:   10 February 2011   822549  
Thank you for the wonderful comments. ^^
rawr_letsdance says:   11 February 2011   386932  
OMG, the texture is awesome, how you vary the colour for a wolf's
The wolf itself is totally awesome and wonderful against the plain
background. You are a genuine artist, I can't wait for any other
pieces you create. A definite kidnap.
P.S Don't thank us for compliments, we thank you for the brilliant
sensation you give our eyes the pleasure of viewing.
ok, I may seem soppy but the main point of this long, weird comment
is: I love it! -kidnap-
Foxleopard says:   11 February 2011   716412  
@rawr_letsdance : Ah, but I feel that those who put time to
comment, and other than just kidnapping it, should get some little
reward; even if it is just a thank you.  And in saying that, thank you
for your comment.  It makes me happy knowing someone can enjoy it so
rawr_letsdance says:   12 February 2011   573968  
It makes me happy knowing that someone can draw so well and still be
‹►Lord♪The♪Đestroyer♪of♪Đreams◄› says:   10 March 2011   723162  
Woow awsome gret unbeliveableeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb awssssssssssssssome words i
cccccccccccccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn say outsanding really

so adorrable outstanding performance    unbelivable stuff.
Woolf says:   27 August 2011   217042  
It looks soo real! I love wolfs but I can't draw like that. I can
olny draw in a cartoony way or anime style * sad face* ...
Foxleopard says:   29 August 2011   404181  
@Woolf  - Everyone has their own style.  I can`t draw cartoony
very well.  I guess artists just have to work with what they have. 
itanaa says:   8 October 2011   837920  
i adore wolves, this is really amazing.
‹Silver_Cyanide› says:   27 November 2011   811642  
So beautiful, I might die. O.o 

How on earth do you do this? It's so realistic! Soo wonderful.
‹??????› says:   22 June 2012   487757  
This is love this! It still amazes me so much to no end. <3 
Phenomenaaal, aaah I wish to print this, with your permission. > 3 <
Foxleopard says:   25 June 2012   868987  
 Certainly, and thanks for asking! :D  I'm glad you like it so much. 
Aerisea says:   8 December 2012   578831  
:'D O to the M to the G !! I love this so much it's really beautiful
and atmospheric :3 I wanna cuddle it, and if I wanna cuddle it, it
must be good ^-^
‹Snow_In_September› says :   21 October 2013   382131  
Holy crap, this freaking amazing!
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