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Lost a Bet
Uploaded: 22 October 2008
how to draw

I lost a bet.

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Ciel_Kitty says:   22 October 2008   894392  
Shes really cute C:
‹whtevr› says:   22 October 2008   691348  
what was the bet?
Beat says:   22 October 2008   497566  
I bet this person that they couldn't get there thread page count up
to 100 pages.
StarDust says:   22 October 2008   857594  
Aww very pretty!
SugarHime says:   22 October 2008   725891  
penelo says:   22 October 2008   713921  
that is so great with the colors
trainer_kohaku says:   22 October 2008   294247  
FallenWishes says:   22 October 2008   975279  
The colors kill me.

AerithLight says:   22 October 2008   873986  
Amaazing. :D
‹Wallflowers♥› says:   22 October 2008   515271  
So awesome!!!
justme383 says:   22 October 2008   957387  
Ashome ;]
RoxRox says:   22 October 2008   839641  
;_; That's amazing!
bestfriendsforeva11 shouts:   22 October 2008   431524  
How can you draw so well on the computer?!!!
Mewmewkitten says:   22 October 2008   483126  
I bet this person that they couldn't get there thread page count
to 100 pages.
You mean their? owo lawl

Awesome~ <333
stickyrice says:   23 October 2008   335738  
LOL. I hate betting. >__>;

But your drawing is really nice.
Danielle_824 says:   23 October 2008   153844  
omg thats awesome
gothix101 says:   23 October 2008   216152  
wow thats reakly good
tatsuyame says:   23 October 2008   731355  
Really nice, but there is one thing....the light source on her hair
is from a completely different direction than the rest of her. >.>
You need to upload stuff to dA moar, this would be a hit there.  
Overall, splendifferific!
popsciclexdino says:   23 October 2008   196295  
‹ERASED› says:   23 October 2008   719598  
This is so lovely. :D
Beat says:   23 October 2008   934128  
Let's just say that there's a flashlight about to fall on her head.
Zovesta says:   25 October 2008   125886  
Very nice! I agree with the light source idea, but I still love it.
XxRawrtasticxX says:   25 October 2008   748928  
I love this!
its gorgeous! :D
Dinosaur_rawr says:   25 October 2008   286637  
cool!!! what do you mean you lost a bet? is that just part of the
picture? sorry. Blond moment
Sanyu says:   25 October 2008   793775  
Was the bet with dragongelf? :P
‹AmyBeetch™› says:   25 October 2008   119433  
It's a pretty good oekaki for it to be in motion (:
Yeah, very pretty.
‹Key.:☼:.TakeMeForGranted› says:   25 October 2008   756615  
‹HannaghxChristine♥› says:   25 October 2008   788739  
That... Is beautifull... Wow. Good Job. I like the colours.
Kohaikun says:   25 October 2008   231487  
oh my goodness gracious, I love this piece. :D
It is very soft, the feathers also add to this effect.
SithWedgie says:   26 October 2008   587252  
heheheheh XD usually that title is linked with something degrading. 
This does not seem degrading :3 but I may be wrong.
‹Shadow♥› says:   26 October 2008   976287  
shes cute
abby_12 says:   26 October 2008   656755  
this is so cool. i love how you have all pink and then that one
little blue part. =]
‹goddess_in_love <3› says:   26 October 2008   685711  
awesome its great
skittle16 says:   26 October 2008   294184  
wow i love the colors so pretty
‹Aurora du Coudray› says:   27 October 2008   381892  
swim_dory says:   29 October 2008   336424  
Nice picture, but how can you draw sooo good on the computer?
shani says:   30 October 2008   594942  
Beat yet again, a masterpiece.
shani says:   30 October 2008   539822  
I just can't stop looking at your art it is so amazing and touching,
your art makes me want to write and sing and dance and sing again, it
lifts me up and sets me doen, thrusts me on a rollercoaster of
emotions. That is what your art does to me. And your characters are
all very easy on the eye, all consist of most enviable beauty. No one
could turn one of the aspects of your art into a beast.
yuyu says:   3 November 2008   154664  
<3 love it! It's so beautiful!

....but I really don't get the part about the bet. XDD
cutekarla says:   23 November 2008   172538  
I love the sketch!
ILuvBunnis says :   26 April 2009   753997  
I love this!
It's so pretty!
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