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Ever So High!
Uploaded: 8 August 2007
how to draw
Me, the sun, the moon, the cloud...we're all friends!
You should watch the "how to draw."
...that moon was...difficult.
It may not look like it, but it took me about two hours to make this...I guess it's
because it's mousedrawn.

*holds up a glass of sparkling grape juice* A toast, to a job well done and a high
self esteem!

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Milady says:   8 August 2007   453642  
SOOOOOOOOOCUTE!!!! looks actually like you and not a black lady lol
get it?
Milady says:   8 August 2007   656755  
i'm gonna watch the how to draw, now
CookieDough says:   8 August 2007   162992  
bellepomme says:   8 August 2007   873274  
...don't be mean...
bellepomme says:   8 August 2007   885245  
why thank you, cookie!
Amphorniac says:   8 August 2007   572738  
kawaiii!!!! date me, belle pomme. leave that elouai boyfriend of
yours and come with me................or how about i just kidnap the
drawing xD
Bishie says:   8 August 2007   523824  
woooooow. i'm jealous. i wish i were that cute ^_^....don't you think
you should put somewhere on the page that that's you?
bellepomme says:   8 August 2007   476789  
thank you. bishie, you are my 101st commentor.
KusuKusu sings:   8 August 2007   231526  
Whoa. Amazing!! O.o
Shimmer sings:   8 August 2007   342711  
I love that Its sooo beautiful!!!
LotsaLove says:   8 August 2007   871147  
this is kinda cool, peanut head
HinataH wonders:   8 August 2007   457821  
oh wow shes so cute!!!
Logan_101 says:   8 August 2007   495473  
Holy Crap thats good O__O
‹Punk_Wanna-Be_Thug_Perpetrator› says:   8 August 2007   172724  
wow really pretty luvs the background its so peaceful
cuteluna says:   8 August 2007   921671  
its sooo cute!
cuteluna says:   8 August 2007   265859  
omg..i just watched how u drew it..that was like soo funny!

peanut head..lol
bellepomme says:   8 August 2007   348918  
thanks guys!
I guess my name is peanut head from now on.....
I guess that's cool...
yeah, I could get used to that!
kiwily says:   8 August 2007   275195  
that is so awesom...

it's so glossy.
‹Goth One› says:   11 August 2007   216852  
good... change the blur shading to cut edged shading and it'll have
more of an anime effect...
‹Goth One› says:   11 August 2007   362745  
on you... i meant... the shading on you...
pooh_baby says:   11 August 2007   637577  
pooh_baby says:   11 August 2007   728643  
Shimmer says:   11 August 2007   719787  
I still love it its sooooooooooo enchanting!!!! 
‹underage› says:   11 August 2007   119641  
It really does look like the black lady!
‹underage› says:   11 August 2007   962173  
Or is it not the Black Lady?
I'm sorry if it isn't!
Dreamgirl204 says:   11 August 2007   975524  
So kawaii! I love it!
BarlowGirl says:   11 August 2007   914756  
lovers_and_other_strangers says:   12 August 2007   635663  
wow...thats soooo pretty!!!
raveygurl says:   12 August 2007   267873  
Wow that picture is so beutiful!!!!
CheyenneH says:   13 August 2007   836498  
Hahah. =P

I watched the video it was halarious!!!

luv the oekaki
‹~.harry.potter.<3.ginny.weasley.~› says:   16 August 2007   877497  
Ooh lala!(Poor peanut)
ILuvBunnis says:   19 April 2009   236344  
Omg!Peanut head!>,<

Nice drawing!
Hawkeye15 says :   19 April 2009   768385  
The hair is really pretty! 
I really like this!
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