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What Hero?
Uploaded: 1 April 2012
okok ok
Probably no one likes hetalia as much as they used to, but I am sooooooooooo  late
into the fandom
In 2009 i was all ew yaoi are ew, oh come on i was 13 UuU, homophibe even.
But even then i havent even been watching hetalia for the shippings, its just a
really funny show. But then again, I do liek abit og greecexturkey fanart. lol.

Anyway, here's Alfred. And he aint no hero.

Also, fuck, if i stay on here another year, i will be 5 kupiyears old. duddeee. whats
wrong with me.

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‹JimmieRustler› says:   2 April 2012   991508  
hetalia? i forgot about that fandom.
thank you for reminding me how shitty it is.
‹Alpha Bri› says:   2 April 2012   611396  
Ahh...hey America. ;-; I used to adore Hetalia....then I
Homestucked...and Hetalia began to fade away...
lollylovex3 says:   3 April 2012   649009  
LOL, Hetalia fandom is seriously dead, like KHR and Bleach ahaha...
At least, Alfred looks cute here ; u;

It's k, I'll be 4 kupiyears old orz
siatwin says:   3 April 2012   232068  
It's only dead on here :3
Everyone on Tumblr and Omegle watches Hetalia Cx
‹Prince-Mew› says:   3 April 2012   775944  
I love Hetalia o3o
I tried out Homestuck but a month or two later I sparta kicked it out
of my life >:D

Forever a Hetalian
‹PalletTown› says:   4 April 2012   697429  
Ah yes, everyone seems to be going tp homestuck
I need to get into more.
I know, Im so very late witht hse things, not sure why xD. 
We can growold together.
lol i have been reading some omeagle chats on hetalia, on tumblr
I'm sometimes scared by them.
Yaaayy. Yeah I'm having a hard time keeping up with hs. 
ItalyAnarchy says:   5 April 2012   730387  
America! ;_;
I still love hetalia...
‹PalletTown› says:   5 April 2012   325931  
that is good to hear!! <33 
‹Vasilisataos› says:   6 April 2012   115617  
Hetalia fandom will never die. Not as long as I live.
This made me smile, by the way, me gusta.
siatwin says:   6 April 2012   574128  
I tried Homestuck.
Lasted 2 minutes. 
‹Prince-Mew› says:   6 April 2012   627976  
Sounds like a good time 
‹Raybeamblazer› says:   7 April 2012   799316  
name......oh yeah...... CANADA!!
I like Hetalia. :3
‹Raybeamblazer› says:   7 April 2012   106217  
Homestuck is stupid
siatwin says:   8 April 2012   966815  
I love you.
I'm trying to follow the story-Trying to finish it-
but the plot is so horrible I wanna die!!!!
and Norway is the Hero...or was it Denmark..... 
‹Raybeamblazer› says:   8 April 2012   267410  
It's Norway XD 
Denmark is the princess in danger 
siatwin says:   8 April 2012   840010  
Denmark as a princess?Lemme go get my camera~ 
‹Raybeamblazer› says:   9 April 2012   748302  
I'll call Japan.....and Hungary :D 
siatwin says:   10 April 2012   620146  
‹iiNeko› says:   10 April 2012   532286  
Japan is actually hot o3o;;
‹Raybeamblazer› says:   11 April 2012   817193  
Iceland is mine :3 
‹Raybeamblazer› says:   11 April 2012   607920  
So is Prussia :D 
siatwin says:   11 April 2012   586086  
Chick please. 
Prussia,Norway,Denmark,and Germany are like,my favorite all time
hetalia charries~
If I could own anything I would want to own them 
‹Raybeamblazer› says:   12 April 2012   980713  
XD So would I. Which country is your birthday near? 
‹PalletTown› says:   13 April 2012   585172  
im so happy to hear that!~
lol the hero is whoever you want to be! XDD
of course!~ 
‹OddButtonOut_23› says :   26 January 2013   426434  
Lol I'm kinda late in the fandom too I just found out about the show
this summer ^^'
Anyways ALFRED!!!
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