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Fred FredBurger
Uploaded: 26 December 2009
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JunoSarah says:   26 December 2009   615145  
this is sooo cute~Fred Fred Burger is  really funny!!

‹~Depressing•Dylan~› says:   26 December 2009   402627  
I like how it cam out X]
i love fred fredburger :D
and how he annoys the blue guy in the video o: 
‹RushingStars★› says:   26 December 2009   328271  
haha he has fat cheeks
‹~Depressing•Dylan~› says:   26 December 2009   215279  
he does
‹WeaponFace♥› says:   26 December 2009   119780  
So kidnapping this. xD
‹~Depressing•Dylan~› says:   26 December 2009   676660  
He loves you
‹☁I'm The One Crying Alone In The Rain☁› says:   26 December 2009   617624  
sagebff says:   26 December 2009   409777  
I was trying to figure out where I know him from xD.
‹~Depressing•Dylan~› says:   26 December 2009   149626  

my mom thought it was from chowder xP
but no he is from The grim adventures of billy and mandy 
‹AlexxAcidic› says:   26 December 2009   748729  
i like frozen yogurt! yes!
lmao wow Dylan how cute 
Kyuh says:   26 December 2009   497075  
-kidnaps Fref FredBurger-
-kidnap this oekaki-
‹~Depressing•Dylan~› says:   26 December 2009   125161  
Haha i love frozen yogurt and Nachos YES!

‹Bonbon Horror› says:   26 December 2009   970275  
OMG FRED FREDBURGER! *hugs picture*
‹ERASER› says:   26 December 2009   264496  
Fredburger? LOL. 8DDD
‹~Depressing•Dylan~› says:   27 December 2009   390612  
he loves you x)

Yes xD 
‹~BeautifulTragedy.♥Stanlee Renee.~› says:   27 December 2009   951525  
Fricken' Cute (:
‹™*{Fudg£ga$m•D!n0®Aw®}*™› says:   27 December 2009   916997  
i can spell my name real good:
Fred Fred!  

kidnapation has never feltso good
sexy_man369 says:   27 December 2009   735203  
cool elephant
‹~Depressing•Dylan~› says:   27 December 2009   334183  
(: yep

purple scene dinrawr-
‹SoraKudo.♥› says:   29 December 2009   322392  

x_Faye says:   29 December 2009   220885  
haha, fred fred burger 
kidnap :D
‹~Depressing•Dylan~› says:   29 December 2009   531335  
sorakudo- yes : P
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says:   29 December 2009   422215  
fredfredburger fredfredburger yes!!!!!!
‹lynniesunshine› says:   29 December 2009   720175  
I can spell my name.
F-r-e-d f-r-e-d-b--u-r-g-e-r Fred Fredburger!
‹lynniesunshine› says:   29 December 2009   902840  
My name is Fred Fredburger,i want to eat some frozen yogurt,and I can
stick 2 fingers in my bellybutton<3
‹Ican'tbelivethisplacestillexists.› says:   29 December 2009   483300  
Judge Roy Spleen: [to Fred Fredburger] Get over here! Now, listen to
me. I need you to 
Fred Fredburger: -reaches for gavel but Judge hits his hand- 
Judge Roy Spleen: Don't touch that! I need you to think back on
everything you've heard to today... and tell me. Who should get Grim:
Billy or Mandy? 
Judge Roy Spleen: Yes. 
Judge Roy Spleen: Yes to Billy... or yes to Mandy? 
Fred Fredburger: Yes. 
Judge Roy Spleen: Yes. 
Fred Fredburger: Yes. 
Judge Roy Spleen: Yes. I see! You're saying Grim shouldnt be separated
from either Billy or Mandy... because that would destroy their
Fred Fredburger: Yes. 
Judge Roy Spleen: And friendship is our most personal treasure. Even
more personal than our toothbrush. 
Fred Fredburger: Yes. 
Judge Roy Spleen: Fred Fredburger, your words have moved my crusty
heart. Therefore, I hereby declare Billy's family be placed under
house arrest and never be allowed to move! Court adjourned!
‹wendy;;CENTRIX;;iis:BACK:› says:   29 December 2009   649217  
Owl_city says:   30 December 2009   287969  
Fred FredBurger owns!!! lol
my freind brett's nickname is brett brettburger cause he used to say
"Fred FredBurger" alot
‹D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R♥SAYS♥R-A-W-R› says:   30 December 2009   587250  
so kidnapping this
RejectRicky says:   30 December 2009   534459  
i love this guy awesome
‹~Depressing•Dylan~› says:   30 December 2009   896366  
glad you like it <3
hahaha i love him
LMAO that was good
Lmao Brett brettburger 
I'm glad you all love this <3 
RejectRicky says:   30 December 2009   975104  
It's so awesome I love this pic
‹~Depressing•Dylan~› says:   30 December 2009   900728  
i really did enjoy drawing him : ) 
RejectRicky says:   31 December 2009   308581  
U draw really good love this ahah
‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says:   17 March 2010   273883  
(skip to next song)
frarishocka frarishocka I gotta poo i gotta poo la la la la laaa la,
la la la la laaa la ding dong fredfredburger yes! 
‹♥Ice Cream Topped With Honey♥› says :   17 March 2010   676220  
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