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So clean!
Uploaded: 27 September 2008
how to draw
An actual clean drawing from me, well...lineart is cleaner than usual @_@ lol


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xExotic says:   27 September 2008   961697  

It's beautiful!
Wonderful coloring <3
‹o^.^o iRandom o^.^o› says:   27 September 2008   844616  
Woot second comment and btw love it  <3
nijntje says:   27 September 2008   623657  

Thats so.. beautiful! ~<3

I just love the lips ._.
Might be weird to say x'D
punk_kid_oooo says:   27 September 2008   365739  
this is an amaziing drawing!! :D
and yes it is verry clean :P
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   27 September 2008   312725  
Her expression is so funny. xD

I could just imagine it. 

''What the heck are you staring at?''


DoOp says:   27 September 2008   985155  
my potato chips!!! -nomnomnom-

thanks for the comments as well :3
StrawberrySHOCK says:   27 September 2008   655891  
The lips, eyes and hair, especially!
‹< Dragon-tamer-1995 >› says:   27 September 2008   794392  
Oh mah gawsh, that rawks! :D
I love how you did everything! :D
Mewmewkitten says:   27 September 2008   879599  
Tracy has red hair? :OO I thought she had black hair. :3

Dang, I could tell this was your's from about a mile away. It looks
like you did it on Photoshop. O__O
Satsujin says:   27 September 2008   496539  
The skin and hair are so pretty~ I love the pattern on the clothes.
karolinacake says:   27 September 2008   316637  
I used your shading skills as guidance back in the day just so you
know, (assuring, nodding face)
Locketspade says:   27 September 2008   377551  
oh woah~ that's so purddddy! *.* you have insane talent! :D
brainwashed says:   27 September 2008   894198  
Electronica says:   27 September 2008   188866  
wow. i love the shading. :]]
‹??????› says:   27 September 2008   496998  

Dang its so beautifuls!!.♥♥
I knew you drew this when I saw it.C:
saralyn247 says:   27 September 2008   328538  
Lovely, and very clean. I love the colors you chose. :D

The ear looks a bit odd though, but it's probably just me...
trainer_kohaku says:   27 September 2008   468247  
Dinosaur_rawr says:   27 September 2008   699291  
sweet! love the hair!!
Ciel_Kitty says:   27 September 2008   997975  
well, i love you too. D:

I love your art so much ♥__________♥
and teh colring is just safdgsa D:
‹► Asim ◄› says:   27 September 2008   173358  
that is well GOOD!!!!
Blizz says:   28 September 2008   544766  
you are so good :D  lol

Love how you do skin
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   28 September 2008   944747  
thats so pretty!
Kamiru_chan says:   28 September 2008   529413  
I agree this oekaki looks much cleaner. :DD

I love the way you shade!
__Akira__ says:   29 September 2008   286825  
All you're oekakis are amazing <3. 
I love the clean lines and soft coloring C:!
‹DasAtem› says:   29 September 2008   797612  
The colouring is AMAAAZING.
Skillz. xD
CrumpetChan says:   29 September 2008   518187  
‹whtevr› says:   29 September 2008   267889  
it looks like yuuki!
so good!!
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   30 September 2008   126774  
Wonderful! :D
Scrubs_fan1 says:   30 September 2008   893756  
Such talent<3
‹ravieve› says:   1 October 2008   865782  
I love her shirt and her hair *w*
‹Luvvy♥› says:   1 October 2008   676129  
dat is soOoO gud....
as in really really gud....


well done....

gud talent u have....
yuyu says:   2 October 2008   378891  
Oh, wow! >_< Amazing!!
Raylah says:   2 October 2008   943971  
This is beautiful.
limegreenlimabean says:   5 October 2008   176131  
whoa 0.o I LUV IT!!!!!!!
PatxxPwns says:   5 October 2008   475328  


Its great.
I love the way you did her face, it looks almost glowing!
HappyKupikan says:   6 October 2008   286586  
im in love with your art work :L
PeachPearlPudding says:   18 November 2008   697628  

Darlingg says:   7 December 2008   769145  
AliceXHeart says:   15 December 2008   787996  
It IS really really really clean =DDD Clean drawing rocks! =]]]]
I really like her hair, like, she has red hair but some brown streaks
X3so cute!!!
maxdaisy says:   17 December 2008   415163  
cute pic.
‹MayaLOVESFAME› says:   1 February 2009   577751  
GiraffeNEIN says:   1 February 2009   211112  
*shock* It's so good! The skin colouring is really well done. :o
‹jazmineeeee :D› says:   14 February 2009   912149  
:o Your lineart is always clean. WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?
‹wolfkid_hates_war› says:   15 February 2009   515471  
xHappyRainbowPie says:   15 February 2009   958661  
That soo pretty *Kidnap*
‹*CODE*RED*ITS*HIM*› says:   9 March 2009   696691  

luckyreba88 says:   18 March 2009   146723  
B.E.A.utiful! Amazing....I wish I could kidnap your drawings skills,
but I can't *sighs*, but at least I can kidnap this picture!
XxStrawberryxX says:   16 April 2009   481943  
Ur so amazin!
‹windofdusk› says:   1 May 2009   719426  
This is really good. <3

woahxxcrazyxxman says:   6 May 2009   584734  
I really like the hair style on this one
MEHHOEMWAH says:   5 June 2009   711265  
It reminds me of the Whos.
In Horton Hears A Who.
phoenix101 says:   10 July 2009   379414  
I`m defitnitly kidnap it!
‹☣Lokii☣› says:   2 August 2009   982371  
So very pretty... but not as pretty as someonr i know #^.^#
redyuu says:   2 August 2009   847473  
very clean~ it's almost like cG ;; *envy*
Such smooth blending of colours especially in the clothes and hair~ ;;
you tone the skin so beautifully also~ : D 
I like the contrast of colours and the checkerboard pattern~ |D
bunnyboorants says :   1 June 2012   787711  
amazing so perfect
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