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This public Oekaki was created by ParisBANGBANG   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by ParisBANGBANG
Uploaded: 22 May 2008
how to draw
TAG you're it!
Draw your avvie as a superhero.
Fear my bumblebee spandex suit.


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Unwritten says:   22 May 2008   321894  
can u do my character
‹voiceofageneration.› says:   22 May 2008   337477  
I had to click. Dx
Ranpu_Tennotsukai says:   22 May 2008   587322  
I'm in a spandex-free school.
machidagirl says:   22 May 2008   446839  
cute! i love the eyes
Darlingkiller says:   22 May 2008   977879  
real kewl! Its so kuute ♥
xExotic says:   22 May 2008   991545  
This is adorable.
I love the suite.
Ciel_Kitty says:   22 May 2008   884728  
now i have to do like 3 oekakies!
rainbow_sushi says:   22 May 2008   816991  
noo i'm tagged
and yes super Paris>_<
ParisBANGBANG says:   22 May 2008   238455  
Unwritten: No sorry.
Lexxers: Oh sht. You did. >:D
Sora: Darn. xD
Machida: Thanks.
Darling: Thank you.
Olive: Thanks.... NOW DRAW. >:D
Ciel: Yes you do. >:]
Rainbow: Super Parrriiis. :D
‹ravieve› says:   23 May 2008   475382  
omg, I has been taggedeeded D;
oh well, :3
I'll do this when I have time!! XDD
The oekaki's cute by the way :D
NoodleSama says:   23 May 2008   111112  
I'm not an it... D:
ParisBANGBANG says:   23 May 2008   977714  
Nekoprincess: Thank you. :D
Noodle: -Pats head- It's okay. We all are. V_V
pupapika says:   24 May 2008   349649  
It;s so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I love ittttttttttttttttttttttt.
Rock_Lee_ says:   25 May 2008   112472  
‹ikaeros› says:   25 May 2008   695167  
Lovely xD
‹♫Maura♪Beyond♪Belief♫› says:   25 May 2008   844964  
♫ Dun da da duuunnnnn ♫
Kanashii says:   25 May 2008   658474  
I fight for justice,integredty and all the soft fluffy waffles ;D
‹»-(¯`v´¯)-» Kelsey Boo »-(¯`v´¯)-»› says:   25 May 2008   265538  
thats so kewl
ParisBANGBANG says:   25 May 2008   871317  
Thanks everyone. xD
Kanashii: Waffles? :D
JessyRAWWR says:   25 May 2008   149364  
Yay! SOOPER PARIS! And I'll make my avvie a super hero! and umm could
you message me what my super hero should be?
ParisBANGBANG says:   26 May 2008   613344  
Jessy: Just draw your character in spandex. xD
InVaDeRsOfThEeArThGiRl says:   26 May 2008   337558  
this is how mine ended up turning out...


haha...you might want a blindfold before proceeding.
elyon says:   26 May 2008   585383  
Cute (a very smart comment xD)
JessyRAWWR says:   26 May 2008   962192  
Ok! xD
ParisBANGBANG says:   26 May 2008   575956  
Invader: That's good! xD

Thanks everyone.
JessyRAWWR says:   27 May 2008   587183  
JessyRAWWR says:   27 May 2008   783587  
JessyRAWWR says:   28 May 2008   935935  
But I LOVE yours!
ParisBANGBANG says:   29 May 2008   863776  
Jessy: Thanks.
bat asks:   12 June 2008   587314  
has she ever saved a town or somethin???
‹duckie› says :   12 July 2008   651532  
teehee thats so kewl !! i love it
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