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ariel realizes she has no voice
Uploaded: 3 July 2007
use as a template
20 min....pretty thanks everyone!!! this started out as a request, but I didn't like
it, so I turned into what it is now! please critique and give advice, though
compliments would be welcome.

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‹XxKelliexChaosxX› suggests:   3 July 2007   893621  
that so pretty
GREAT job!
Kibas_gurl says:   3 July 2007   286428  
Awsomeness! So freakin awsome! *Two thimbs up and a thunderouse
yuyu_art says:   3 July 2007   621815  
thanks guys!!!! but the eyes are rather far apart or something, but
somthings wrong with the face, I think
meema says:   3 July 2007   385154  
wow thats awsome!!^________^
yuyu_art says:   3 July 2007   166175  
mushroom says:   3 July 2007   377545  
sexy baby
mushroom says:   3 July 2007   383711  
amazing style of coloring awesome job man
anushkik says:   3 July 2007   918726  
cool. its like animeish ariel thing
yuyu_art says:   3 July 2007   433379  
cool, dude?
Kira_ says:   3 July 2007   318728  
very creative ^^
I love Ariel
famachan says:   3 July 2007   449754  
omg!! Sooo pretty!! Looks really good!! Amazing!! I love it!! O.o
*stares at computer* So pretteh!!!!! AWSOME!!! IT'S SOOOOOO
yuyu_art says:   3 July 2007   887243  
....THANKS!!! your eyes still feel well??
oresama whispers:   3 July 2007   499592  
Pretty~~.  :D
You're such a good artist~.  ;0;
tinkerbell_x says:   3 July 2007   563825  
Beautifullll! ^__^ Her face-expression and her hair are both
LaBuAxel sings:   3 July 2007   873141  
this looks awesome!
the Little Mermaid is my favorite disney movie... apart from the
Pirates of the Carribean!!!
yuyu_art says:   3 July 2007   768448  
thanks everyone! and, no, oresama, YOU are the good artist
jelly_moo says:   3 July 2007   384562  
Omigosh!!! so pertiful!! so many comments!! i jelous!! but this is a
really good oekaki!!!!
Nunc says:   3 July 2007   328847  
Other than her eyes being a little too far apart and her arms/hands,
it looks great! ^_^

Keep up the good work! :D
darkoekaki says:   3 July 2007   572442  
Like Nunc said.

But other than that.
Very nice.
You're improving quickly.
Wolven_Dancer says:   4 July 2007   888466  
One eye is smaller than the other and is too close to the far side of
her face. Like you're always telling me not to do. -_-

But I love her expression and pose!
yuyu_art says:   4 July 2007   935689  
yeah, thanks for the advice everyone! and WD, I can't draw as well
Irosha_Sisuken says:   5 July 2007   342873  
Heehee, I love that movie and i LOVE this oekaki!
I_wonder_Y says:   5 July 2007   663361  

that's awesome.

nice shading.

ariel has longer hair... but i like it anyway. 
yuyu_art says:   5 July 2007   198968  
yes, I know  but I got lazy and didn't change it....D:
Ciel_Kitty says:   5 July 2007   293616  
Cool Eyes =D
yuyu_art says:   5 July 2007   873934  
Glamgurl says:   5 July 2007   291334  
OMG I LOVE IT well i love disney already but you made it so awesome
definitly kidnapping
yuyu_art says:   5 July 2007   482366  
XD yay!
Emalynn_W says:   5 July 2007   126554  
That's soo good!
phalangees says:   5 July 2007   445643  
its well done...i think u should work on being "cleaner" with ur art
like taking off the access coloring (whatever went outside of the
line)and as for ur lines to make it seem more realistic u should blend
in the black lines with the color like in the skin u blend the lines
with the skin color so that it adds shade other than that i think ur
ok. ^___^ good job!
phalangees says:   5 July 2007   932363  
love the eyes
yuyu_art says:   5 July 2007   899838  
Yep, I know...just lazy ^^"
kekasmai says:   5 July 2007   167119  
ooo I really like it!
RandyOrtonGirl says:   6 July 2007   983983  
is she shocked at sumthin.or wut cause she looks shocked
yuyu_art says:   6 July 2007   344615  
It's better close up...
NarutoFan_101 says:   6 July 2007   658719  
wow thats good
misty says:   7 July 2007   335678  
COOOOOL *bows downs* all hail the okeaki master!
Pon_and_Zi says:   7 July 2007   222789  
omg thats kewl! *kid naps and drives away in car but drives right off
a cliff*
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! (small away voice) im ok!
yuyu_art says:   7 July 2007   245587  
oops? O_O;;
chani says:   11 July 2007   379364  
I really like this. *kidnaps*
love_swimming_girl says:   3 September 2007   982781  
awsome art ;D
yuyu_art says:   3 September 2007   518886  
:D thankies
ZanyZeldaFan says :   22 September 2007   685733  
zomgosh i love ariel! the eyes are a little off but otherwise,
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