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This public Oekaki was created by Sashikinoneko   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by Sashikinoneko
Uploaded: 1 January 2007
Yah I know I'm late for halloween, just made this: no it's not for u sis. 
It's for someone else.

Anyway, this is a guy who invites various people to come to his grave....
So will you come with him??

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lamb_rissa says:   1 January 2007   486857  
Yes, I will. I feel sorry for him.
kittykittenmeo says:   1 January 2007   283217  
oooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh thats creepy but cool
blaqie says:   1 January 2007   942475  
Yhea, I guess I come with him to his grave. ^___^
Pillsberry says:   1 January 2007   434253 thank u*runs for hills* I LIKE IT THOUGHT!^^
mewmewkitty says:   1 January 2007   872589  
creeeeeppppppyyyyyyyyyy but cute!!!!
‹Push the Button› says:   2 January 2007   949825  
uber creeepy!!!
‹Sophie<3› says:   2 January 2007   837957  
crepy but cooooooooooooooool
Anjelikaflareon says:   2 January 2007   316825  

but not creepy isn't!!!!!!!^^
RaverAlchemist says:   2 January 2007   496287  
..I'd come with him... He's hot.. XD
loserXcitygurl57 says:   2 January 2007   475384  
Hey cool pic!
No it's not creepy.
He is dead sexy....with the blood and stuff.
I'd join anytime...^_^
sessy_luver_girl says:   2 January 2007   696426  
its sooo cute I MUST STEAL!!!
Hot_Hot_Hotty says:   2 January 2007   218916  
thats awsome!!
jacy10 says:   2 January 2007   916654  
im coming with that hottie we are both dead lol well ive still got 2
more lives so not dead yet actually
nicemo says:   2 January 2007   246971  
i love it!
*goes and gets a gun and shoots head and dies so she can be with guy*
im going to his gravestone now!
Misspopulartweenqueen says:   3 January 2007   187111  
so kool
xxSilentScream says:   5 January 2007   991469  
Yeh ill go =p
Sophira44 says:   5 January 2007   593497  
ill go ill go!
‹SparklePuff_♥› says:   5 January 2007   329187  
lets see here um....i would come with spike he is a vampire maybe 
this guy i do not know
greenqueen21 says:   5 January 2007   573928  
<333 Here's some ice-cream for him I will come
arthottie says:   5 January 2007   375466  
well i'd clean him up and make him mine lol looks like a hot
emo..with blood and creepy eyes all fized with contacts and umm..water
CheyenneH says:   5 January 2007   449699  
I will go with him lol....he looks emo hes cool [[♥]] it sorry
but i need to kidnap him
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   5 January 2007   341468  
Mommy! Mommy! Look! A creepy man gave me an invitation!! See him?
What? Throw it away?  But MOMMY!!! He said there'd be mudpie! With
Extra worms!!! Well, sorry mommy! I'm going! *run into a pole* hiyurk!
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   5 January 2007   676998  
sorry... i was feeling weird...
‹Lora Patsy Poodle› says:   5 January 2007   574559  
it's good but creepy =3
Belsboys4eva56 says:   6 January 2007   864111  
no cos if i go with he could eat me or kill me the way he died.
c245 says:   6 January 2007   644935  
goolagin says:   6 January 2007   271837  
i think it's great for what it is but then again i have poster of a
guy like that in my room staring down at me
lilyanne93 says:   8 January 2007   618879  
creepy but cute!!!!!!!!! kewl!!!!!!!
KooLKiiDJulez says:   9 January 2007   913566  
its not creepy I think cute
LadyDa says:   10 January 2007   377342  
Zomg it's L-kun!!! but...all bleedy...and less y'
Stephanie says:   12 January 2007   845622  
OMG, im so going... haha he's hot!
Sashikinoneko says:   12 January 2007   541393  
Wow, a lot of people think he's hooooooot!!!! O.O
mizzAzn says:   13 January 2007   193775  
OMG!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!! Hes wierd! Ur sooooo talented!!!!!!! OMG!!!!
Blue_Eyes_Bright shouts:   14 January 2007   713336  
omg i like kidnapped alllllllll of ur pics!!!btw:thats
                                                         keep going!  
                 almost there....................                     
Blue_Eyes_Bright says:   14 January 2007   761148  
yes i will go with him as long as theres no other murders there
Blue_Eyes_Bright says:   14 January 2007   949615  
i mean murderers
Sashikinoneko says:   17 January 2007   728678  
GerardWayismynirvana says:   17 January 2007   291356  
that is awesome. ill totally join him cause he's uber dead sexy.
Emo_Cutie says:   26 January 2007   482265  
Awesome and I will not go with him! You never know he might kill you
i_love_shawn says:   30 January 2007   612885  
sweet i will go, id be glad 2
Pinkpurle says:   2 February 2007   621885  
I love it...............................
Davey_Havok_Is_My_One_True_Love says:   4 February 2007   672385  
i would gladly go 2 the grave w/ him if i could f**k him...he is
Disturbedfan says:   3 March 2007   816926  
he is hotttttttttttt i would go with vamp
pete................................................*drools* i will
shutup now......................not lol
Emo_In_Black says:   29 July 2007   176129  
yes i will join the dead : )
kingdomxheartsxlover53 says:   31 July 2007   335659  
he is cute,but i will die when i tell jackie davide i love him
kingdomxheartsxlover53 says:   31 July 2007   154482  
he is cute,but i will die when i tell jackie davide i love him
DarkAngle99 says :   1 September 2007   986578  
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