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Uploaded: 24 June 2012
aha. sorry for the crap marshal lee. but i just wanted to doodle something dumb

um anyway fjdskfjafk;a you guys donated a lot of kp to me * n*
WRY. for all i know, i need to get off the computer and get some sun! ahaha

but okay. wtv. SO, in return, i will draw - from now on - requests posted in THIS
oekaki's comments.
please keep it pg13 and dont post image refs! they will stretch the page!
instead, post links if you can or names from whatever series the character is from.

i will draw whatever i can. * n* so um yeah!

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smilecompany says:   24 June 2012   969324  
ee marshall lee!! <3 i love him!!
would you be interested in an art trade? *O*
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   24 June 2012   988208  
Do you think would could draw Karkat and Sollux? From Homestuck? 
A couple? ^_^;
It would be very much appreciated!
‹° ℳ ¢ . ℓ ℴ ѵ i ƞ ♥ °› says:   24 June 2012   727097  
Or maybe John and Dave? ( from homestuck XD)
  (may be obsessed with the pairing >_>

   Solkat -drool- 
‹CadenCandy☢› says:   24 June 2012   238171  
*epic high five* 
‹♥ωαявℓєяєттє♥› says:   24 June 2012   850963  
adjdlskjflakjldsjf;lasjf marshall lee!
I'm actually watching Adventure Time right now!
‹<̶̶<̶̶R̶̶e̶̶w̶̶i̶̶n̶̶d̶̶S̶̶t̶̶› says:   24 June 2012   194102  
Homg, this isn't crap, love. I glanced at it and KNEW. I adore like Marshall Lee. <3 Hm. Is there any way you could doodle Tony/Steve? As in, Iron Man/Captain America? =w=
‹mÿlö xÿlötö› says:   24 June 2012   689407  
Sherlock and John from the Sherlock BBC series please? I'm
certain they'd look absolutely wonderful in your style *w*
MidnightWolf says:   24 June 2012   236401  
okay thats creepy looks alot like me >.>
Rena9000 says:   24 June 2012   289022  
If you don't mind me asking, Me and L from deathnote? Just have fun
with it. 
ida says:   24 June 2012   390180  
That's a nice pose!
I have a few suggestions that I'm not sure you'll want to draw but
I'll give it a go:
  • Link from Legend of Zelda
  • Ariel from The Little Mermaid
  • Your human versions of Coke and Pepsi, together, however you wish them to be (couple, rivals, siblings, etc)
  • My ideas are pretty bland but ehh, it's what came to mind.
    Haribo says:   24 June 2012   154184  
    Maybe one of these guys?
    willing to turn it to an art trade if you wish c:~
    PhotoFinish says:   24 June 2012   487523  
    o3o draw Loki please? pretty please?
    ‹JimmieRustler› says:   25 June 2012   130224  
    something original.
    ‹SuicidalCyanide› says:   26 June 2012   575149  
    Death2yourHEART says:   27 June 2012   753988  
    Awesome! Draw human gothitelle
    Tatsu_Uchiha says:   27 June 2012   297132  
    Could you draw me with either batman or robin?
    OH_SHET says:   27 June 2012   221964  
    I like.
    Aiku_to_tatakau says:   28 June 2012   916834  
    OMG i loves marshall lee! do you think you could draw alucard from
    ‹ThineRiddler› says:   14 July 2012   267858  
     Are you still accepting requests? I could give you some KP.
    ‹✯AnnMunsterBear✯› says:   27 August 2012   110749  
    Pikachu!!! c:
    With a bunch of pokemon. 
    More Adventure Time!!!!
    tilldeathdowepart says:   28 January 2015   635668  
    This is amazing
    Great job :3
    ‹!<LickMePlease>!› says :   2 June 2015   657198  
    I LOVE HIM TOO! Cartoon crush LOL.
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