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This public Oekaki was created by AerithLight   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by AerithLight
Uploaded: 13 January 2008

Yay! No complains on this one...except maybe the right hand.. or the quality
>.> it's annoying how it becomes like that >.<
but other than that..
I promised for no complains on this one..
and I succeed
cuz I wuv it!
and I hope, nee-chan likes it too

Requested by Nee-chan, The Mokey. :3
 -- Oh and yes her clothes are different
 -- But I got permission ^.~

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Uneek says:   13 January 2008   983831  
quality is good on my comp 0;
shut up 0;
TheMokey says:   13 January 2008   524335  
:D Perfect :D

Dark Hair O.o purdy.....

what does Nee-chan mean :D

AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   531287  
Quality badddd..
But oh well,
Thankyouu, SAMMEH~
You earn..
-gives it-
Yay for first comment, lol.
Greeneh wasnt on today >>
TheMokey says:   13 January 2008   385173  
oh yes

*walks up to oekaki*

*takes it*

you all saw me kidnap it :D
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   438795  
Yes sorry, nee-san!
about the dark hair >.<
and nee-chan/nee-san means Big sister
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   153877  
Oh and IT DIDNT close this time :3 
Im so very well proud of myself :3
sugartastic says:   13 January 2008   538461  
It's gorgeous! O_O I love your style. :3 I always know it's you. X)
I love how you color too! :O The colors on this are nice, I like the
purple and yellow. ^-^ ♥
xsilent_dreamerx says:   13 January 2008   126649  
awe! so awesome!! i am sooo jelous of your art skill!!
TheMokey says:   13 January 2008   776593  
lol i LOVE the hair and eyes :D </3 
and yes i will always be your Nee-san
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   166431  
Sugar: Yay! Thank youu, I always enjoy reading your comments lol
Silent: Lol thanks ^^
Nee-san: Yes you will, lol
Sasori_Fan_Girl says:   13 January 2008   544888  
that amzing~
the best oekaki eva~
TheMokey says:   13 January 2008   197748  
It's a good thing its  picture of me thats the best OEKAKI EVE!!!!
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   13 January 2008   174752  
i agree
kiwily says:   13 January 2008   218936  
good job Linda2!! :DDD

it really is a fabulous oekaki!
kiwily says:   13 January 2008   335913  
your skin colouring is nice toooOOOOO.... but I have a favour to
ask... can you put up the "how to draw" please...!?!?
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   698451  
Thank you, minna-san..

Kiwily: ..maybe...Lol but my internets messed up right now =.=
so..yeah..but I will when I have a chance >.<
TheMokey says:   13 January 2008   656811  
the backdrop goes up and down when you scroll >.< its so magic :D
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   361728  
it does?
purfuma says:   13 January 2008   852181  
cool! u get better and better!
as i say:keep up the good work!
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   132968  
Thank you, purfuma.
TheMokey says:   13 January 2008   358521  
yes it does - whast the word for lil-sister??
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   433548  
brunetbaby says:   13 January 2008   657329  
very gorgeous.

how are you sho good?
TheMokey says:   13 January 2008   154353  
i might have it at school in socail studies file thingy
‹goodfornothing› says:   13 January 2008   336161  
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   537821  
have what at school?

Brunet: Thank youu, and I have no idea...
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   888783  
‹duckie› says:   13 January 2008   524733  
this is so good
‹ERASE› says:   13 January 2008   413344  
cat123 says:   13 January 2008   997684  
wow this is awsome!
TheMokey says:   13 January 2008   217474  
the word for lil sister in japanese
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   474954  
Angel, cat: Thanks ^^

Nee-san: Why would it be in ur social thingie?
TheMokey says:   13 January 2008   236551  
were studing "japan"
flying_pigs_rock says:   13 January 2008   886552  

xExotic says:   13 January 2008   468259  
You draw so pretty!!
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   173363  
I dont see anything wrong with it..

I will give you 1 kp if you can figure this out :3 there ne..
AerithLight says:   13 January 2008   547284  
Arigatou, ne~ 
♥ ♥♥
Satsujin says:   13 January 2008   999858  
Your art's so distinctive~. :D I love how you did her skin.
lil_miss_annie says:   14 January 2008   818371  
wow this is reallygood ! *kidnaps*
lil_miss_annie says:   14 January 2008   767977  
do u use a tablet?^^
TheMokey says:   14 January 2008   644699  
Kana - will you ever do the to of us in a Oekaki...
popcon_girl says:   14 January 2008   895455  
i like this oekaki
AerithLight says:   14 January 2008   774629  
yes nee-san, once I have some free time :3
TheMokey says:   15 January 2008   574678  
:3 sooo good must be in picture of myself 
*stand on myselfs shoulder* -dances-
Lovely_Mistress says:   15 January 2008   678851  
luffs the oekakis!
Aiden_Princess says:   16 January 2008   859566  
Woah this is amazing =O
hotgothgirl says:   16 January 2008   685921  
AerithLight says:   16 January 2008   113169  
Mistress: :3 thankss, im glad you like it

Princess Aiden and Goth Girl: Thank youu

Nee-san: Just keep being yourself lol ... keep dancing x3
Kittenluver73 says:   17 January 2008   433448  



*stuffs in pillow sheet*

*runs from cops*
AerithLight says:   17 January 2008   668461  
Kitten: Lolol niiice..and thank you :D
TheMokey says:   18 January 2008   323982  
i geting tired -stops dancin and starts sleeping-

*mubbles in sleep : SOld Out And Radical....
sweet_misty says:   19 January 2008   518853  
u r such a pro....
TheMokey says:   23 January 2008   588844  
-climb to selfs head- *dances* 
‹~Miss`POT`Lover~› says:   2 February 2008   997197  
love this sooo much!
‹∞ Directioner ∞› says:   16 November 2009   429498  
Love the background!!!!!
‹♥Kirsche♥› says:   16 December 2009   136609  
‹The~Labryinth› says :   12 February 2010   769804  
rewind into history♥
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