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Uchiwa|Uchiha Paper Fan Symbol
Uploaded: 18 October 2007
how to draw
The Uchiha family symbol|This is on the back of Sasuke's shirt, I

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‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   18 October 2007   617322  
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   18 October 2007   315182  
shukaku says:   18 October 2007   168251  
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   18 October 2007   684418  
*tackles you* RAWR! XDDD
rockin_angel911 says:   18 October 2007   498195  
Glamgurl says:   18 October 2007   846976  
Rockin Angel There is no point in Commenting if you think it's "Gay"

I for one think It's Great ^-^

Good Job.
shukaku says:   18 October 2007   862162  
She has freedom of speech|Doesn't bug me much|Besides, most people
won't get what it is unles they watch naruto...
little_Shy_one says:   18 October 2007   396628  
famachan says:   18 October 2007   391497  
I love it! Sho pretty Patterns in the red part..O.O ooh.
shukaku says:   18 October 2007   857251  
Thanks :D
‹ERASE› says:   18 October 2007   867894  
shukaku says:   18 October 2007   774578  
Milady says:   18 October 2007   264198  
jelly_moo says:   18 October 2007   227837  
i really like how it's all fadyish! really cool! you have some mad
shukaku says:   19 October 2007   154519  
Now that i look at this|This is such a pathetic oekaki| D:
MitsukiWolf says:   21 October 2007   978921  
totally awesome! =3
XxSarahxX2020 says:   21 October 2007   279844  
Thats cool as.
Demonic_angel says:   21 October 2007   552243  
‹Goth One› says:   21 October 2007   846133  
wow... perfect copy... thats good...
Tears_on_my_face says:   21 October 2007   647754  
Tears_on_my_face says:   21 October 2007   474938  
oops.. sorry caps 
snowlepord says:   21 October 2007   152515  
omg thats awome i know how yu did it thoe lol
korey_bo_borey says:   21 October 2007   684294  
i hate when people say something is gay. [in the meaning stupid] 
it just shows that they are ignorant. because i don't think this is
homosexual. and i don't think that they mean the gay as in happy.
because honestly, who has used that since the 50's? 

now, about the oekaki, looks good. i don't personally watch naruto, so
i don't exactly know what your saying. i think that it would look good
w/out the white dots. is it suppose to have those? 

shukaku says:   21 October 2007   128675  
Yeah|Thanks for the long and meaningful comment
‹ERASE› says:   29 October 2007   634522  
Yay that is so awesome yay Sasuke-kun.... Uchiha symbol thing!!!
EMO_SAKERA_ says:   2 November 2007   559494  
i love the uchiha clane even sasuke
‹:Bebeka:› says:   13 December 2007   362187  
pretty and cool
Jimpling says:   2 January 2008   239838  
It's so clean cut.
Did you cheat and use the circle tool?
+looks at you suspiciously(SP?)+
narutogeek says:   3 February 2008   644729  
oh dude that is really awesome
‹‹†Dracula's†Servant†›› says:   11 August 2009   869591  
it looks like a pokeball
uchihafan says:   12 August 2009   711468  
AWESOME YAY! *kidnapps*
‹♥TakeMeToHeavenJesse› says :   12 August 2009   817462  
Onwed :3
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