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===REMIX=== Woodytx2006
Uploaded: 29 July 2007
how to draw
My entry for Woodytx2006's contest XD XD XD

Lawl too colorful for words O___o

*got caught by police for too much use of colours*

I need to resume to my schedule for requests and the chibi batches too... X___x

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‹Push the Button› says:   29 July 2007   391525  
Wow! I think thats your best so far!!!!!!!
Naive says:   29 July 2007   711984  
*gives first comment cookie* XD Thanks =D

damn i screwed the hand big time, but oh wellz. *hides*
I_wonder_Y says:   29 July 2007   511131  
very pretty!

and the background is so awesome
saralyn247 says:   29 July 2007   265522  
that's soo good! how do you do that?! i love the face and hair, and i
agree about the hand. but it's still AWESOME! 
‹Push the Button› says:   29 July 2007   446153  
You didn't screw on the hand. I'd call that a hand! What I draw
‹kaylee<3› says:   29 July 2007   134197  
I really wish you took requests....or do you???
kiwily says:   29 July 2007   985181  


awesome background..

i <3 your backgrounds...

so creative.. ish.. >.>

‹colours and carousels♥› says:   29 July 2007   564119  
i agree with vamp_chan...i SUCK at hands...
Bootheghost says:   29 July 2007   432238  
awsomeness! and so is das hand!
Shiro0978 says:   29 July 2007   874614  
Wow! Nice Oekaki!
Nunc says:   29 July 2007   321754  
Aw, my entry died when I saw this. x3 
Your entry is so colorful. D:

((I stink at hands too. xD That's why I hid them. ;o; ))
SoupQueen says:   29 July 2007   747487  
zomg freaking awesome
CookieDough says:   29 July 2007   338378  
It's really cute.
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   29 July 2007   268432  
omg i love it!!! is woody a girl or boy? 100/100^^
_BlAcK_RoSe_ says:   29 July 2007   193622  
Yai! ^-^

woodeh-kun!! :DD!

he looks soo awsome!!! :DD

awsome job naive-san! ^*^
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   29 July 2007   113356  
its a guy? YAY!
omg i just fell in love with it!!<3!!!
riveranna says:   29 July 2007   341984  
emo_chix says:   29 July 2007   285193  
‹.:Claudia:. {♥TheWayWeAre♥}› says:   29 July 2007   587945  
*o* you made woodeh-kun look awesome!
I think your gonna win ^-^
me will lose ._.
but over all its a tie for first place in the  contest
you and [insertnamehereiforgotname] are fabulous drawers!
nirrum says:   29 July 2007   111113  
You win.
inuYasha_roxs says:   29 July 2007   169711  
you are the best drawer you make it look like a real person
The_One_And_Only_Celebi says:   29 July 2007   375391  
omg you can draw so good on computer
‹CrimsonMugiwaraFairy› says:   29 July 2007   817418  
*faints* so cute<3
Kat3384 says:   29 July 2007   916636  
Wow...he looks sooo awesome!!


Nice job Sashi-chan!
KOTORgamegirl says:   29 July 2007   587995  
wow...thats awesome!!
Shiina_kun says:   29 July 2007   156446  
Whoa!  That's AWESOME!  *O* -kidnaps-
princess_zelda says:   29 July 2007   175195  
omg u HAVE  to help me with my oekaki drawing....... i might even
start cheating in mouse drawing...heh heh
‹GatorBoots› says:   29 July 2007   747369  
*o* Holy crap!!!

xDD I'll enter it! i'll enter it!
SilentKill says:   29 July 2007   569857  
As said before, I can't tell that it's made on Oekaki!
The actual drawing,I mean!
Thunder says:   29 July 2007   384481  
omg! i luv colorful thingies!!!!!!! 8D

Will you please draw me with a VERY colorfull backround?! 
‹GatorBoots› says:   29 July 2007   174889  
xDD Yes, I'm a guy. 

x3 I'm just adorable~
‹GatorBoots› says:   29 July 2007   237943  
I tink the term is 'uke'? :D
moshimoshi_katie says:   29 July 2007   859544  
O.O Phwoar. Amazin'! I love the use of solids!

I fugg up hands too....XD
MMORPG_Maker_To_Be_ says:   29 July 2007   539151  
yeah me 2. even on paper. i suck at hands and fingers
MMORPG_Maker_To_Be_ says:   29 July 2007   358523  
and naive...can u draw me plzzzz?????? i really want to be drawn by a
great artist like u!!! ^_^ plz plz plz plz plz plz plzzzzzzzz
‹GatorBoots› says:   29 July 2007   765936  
MMORPG, I don't think Naive-chan is taking requests. =/
This AN ENTRY for my oekaki contest..
Not a request.
avandeborne says:   29 July 2007   523986  
wow this is awesome you should u know go into like cartoon creating
lol your really good
Disaster says:   29 July 2007   516166  
Wow, I'm sure you'll do great in the contest.
Naive says:   30 July 2007   712866  
woodytx2006: UKE?!! Really?? O__O; uke means the dominated male guy
when it comes to yaoi smex. XD
nijntje says:   30 July 2007   131341  
its so pretty ^_^
love the background ^_^ the clouds remind me of 
ataksuki or how ever you write it xD
MMORPG_Maker_To_Be_ says:   30 July 2007   987943  
iamkari says:   30 July 2007   472681  
xDD Woody as an uke? I don't see it.... lol...

What a wonderful picture. ^O^
‹GatorBoots› says:   30 July 2007   412928  
xO I dunno. *shrugs*

I need skittles. ;__;
‹GatorBoots› says:   30 July 2007   538371  
Wikipedia gots ome 'explainin' ta do. :o

The classic guidelines establish the uke by appearance (shorter than
the seme, more childish, mostly light-haired, cute faces, effeminate)


>.> That's just how I look in the pic.
Damn, I dunno.
*throws rock*
‹GatorBoots› says:   30 July 2007   762712  
Oh wait, I dun't have light hair. :o

Well, I sorta do in real life.. -__-
‹Puppeh.› says:   30 July 2007   616794  
Pretteh hair :O
The background is awesome
And the hand is awesome too!
Recca says:   30 July 2007   329361  
My God... I wish i could draw (. ) Sige na, you'll always be
‹GatorBoots› says:   31 July 2007   239837  
*looks at it closely* .__.
I really don't get how that person thought I was a girl.. xO
Naive says:   31 July 2007   872678  
Well, to say it short, uke will be the cutest/endearing/adorable in a
yaoi relationship XDXDXDXDXD 

Plainly cute, yes.
‹GatorBoots› says:   31 July 2007   412713  
xDD I don't think I'm in a yaoi though.
But still. :3
iamkari says:   31 July 2007   519614  
Cute little Woody.... xDD *pets his head*
‹GatorBoots› says:   31 July 2007   692759  
xDDD *sweatdrop*

I am clueless. x3

animangagirl_27 says:   1 August 2007   643146  
go for it!!!! ^-^ that is a great oekaki!!!! i hope that everyone's
encouragement will help u!!!!^-^
‹{{♥Gelikerz♥}}› says:   1 August 2007   544889  
thats really good! i luv the skull!
‹CristolGelWinn› says:   1 August 2007   696294  
It's awesome u r so talanted i bet u will win
o0Semi_Automatic0o says:   1 August 2007   838315  
Pretty-ful. : D
xcottonxcandyx says:   1 August 2007   711119  
you are cleary the new winner (my opinion)
darn it your going to beat me
KaKaShI_LoVeR_1 says:   1 August 2007   239832  
Thats is really good and colourful :D
Kim_Kam says:   1 August 2007   938189  
this is really cute!!!
Naive says:   1 August 2007   685868  
Don't worry Woodytx2006!! I will save you from the fangirls 8D
pimp_up_your_profile_with_lucy101s_help says:   1 August 2007   659336  
That is really cool. That is one of the best oekakis ever!!!
pimp_up_your_profile_with_lucy101s_help says:   1 August 2007   156376  
I love it.
Irosha_Sisuken says:   1 August 2007   366342  
Are you secretly RaverAlchemist? Because this is one of the best
oekakis I've ever seen!
sparkadark says:   1 August 2007   712719  
omg! this is amazing wow!
jessieangel10 says:   1 August 2007   434823  
im in the contst too good luck and nice oekaki
‹I_RAWR_COOKIES_DONUTS_MEN› says:   1 August 2007   176965  
wow!!!!!omggggggwow wow wow wow u draw sooooo goodddd
how do u draw like that!!!!!!
dreamflame says:   1 August 2007   797699  
it is colorful
but i like it
Angel_bite shouts:   1 August 2007   891728  
Its Fabulous!
Simply Amazing :]
pooh_baby says:   2 August 2007   984495  
colorful but i like it alot
Naive says:   2 August 2007   797489  
Iroka_Sisuken: *cough* Raveralchemist's art style is quite different
from mine ^___^
conspired_suicide says:   2 August 2007   642642  
0.0 I love it.
Akuroku says:   2 August 2007   797559  
I think I've fallen inlove *.*
sk8erAlex44 says:   2 August 2007   679584  
thats awesome!
cute_monkey says:   2 August 2007   524495  
thats so  goooooooooooooooood!!!!!!!!!
it rox!!!!!!!
phalangees says:   2 August 2007   312714  
kewl! :D i love the background too!
TentenXNeji says:   2 August 2007   194132  
i LOVE it!!! *kidnaps*
Sakura_Purple says:   3 August 2007   547349  
It's beautiful!And the background is perfect!Just like the other one!
Ciel_Kitty says:   4 August 2007   697755  
Naive-Chan got obsessed with Skullies! >:3
Naive says:   5 August 2007   891474  
Ciel_Kitty: Finally, someone noticed >XD *hugs*
moter_girl says:   5 August 2007   934977  
hiwhat a good pic it is nice it is vere good
‹tea-anna› says:   7 August 2007   219426  
OMG!! ISH SO PWETTY! XD The background is so good...n retro-ish! I
lub it! ^-^
Bella says:   17 August 2007   313433  
luvme4me702 says:   28 August 2007   522455  
thats so cool!kidnaps!!
dark_winged_dragon says:   7 November 2007   795454  
Thats's really nice, I love her eyes!
Nekkyo says:   19 November 2007   819587  
KKOOOOLLL! *kidnaps*
Green_Buddy says:   21 January 2008   391658  
me like it!!!!!!!
popsciclexdino says:   21 October 2008   525853  
Smallzsuarez says :   22 December 2010   137403  
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