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This public Oekaki was created by darkoekaki   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by darkoekaki
Uploaded: 19 July 2007
how to draw
It's the age old favorite.
In black and white.

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Rawr_Im_A_Llama says:   19 July 2007   551698  
Squeaa, very good! *Kidnappeh*
Rawr_Im_A_Llama says:   19 July 2007   277867  
I got the first comment on a darkoekaki, oekaki
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   873539  
I'm losing hearing in my right ear.
‹XxKelliexChaosxX› suggests:   19 July 2007   291419  
i like it^^
me love the black and white
Rawr_Im_A_Llama says:   19 July 2007   621768  
Wheee, spamming pages is fun xD
Danielle10 says:   19 July 2007   863616  
Orochimaru's different...
Rawr_Im_A_Llama says:   19 July 2007   863434  
:O how you lose hearing?
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   113167  
Ah, but it hurts.
-rubs fingers-
oresama whispers:   19 July 2007   977318  
Prettyyy~~!  O:
Linda-san is an awesome oekakist.  D:
+Bows.  Again.+
I don't remember the last time I bowed, but I'm pretty sure I did. 
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   153864  

Pencil tool is a pain.
StrawBerryLoli says:   19 July 2007   572798  
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   195712  
Anko says:   19 July 2007   976147  
Translation: OMIGOSH IT'S SO CUTE D=
*gives Linda a load of dango and steals the oekaki*
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   342521  
-falls over-
SilentKill says:   19 July 2007   189419  
Anko looks pretty!
Black and whiteee!
Another awesome oekaki.
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   593496  
Namine_Elric says:   19 July 2007   845397  
That's better than my drawings. Good for you. -smiles-
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   859216  
Don't say that.
Don't put yourself down.
kiwily says:   19 July 2007   447473  
ha ha! lulz, anko was so cute back then!!

now she's pretty 
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   181612  
No doubt, no doubt.
Disaster says:   19 July 2007   518934  
I like it, it's really well drawn.
And yep, yep pencil tool's a pain. I love the pen tool. ^ ^
‹Northern Italy♥› says:   19 July 2007   189991  
I like it, it is very good
Shiina_kun says:   19 July 2007   265866  
I love it.  It's so... clean looking, the whole black and white
thing. :O
saralyn247 says:   19 July 2007   846979  
wow! that's good!
moshimoshi_katie wonders:   19 July 2007   942678  
Anko rocks! Orochi--I think he might be gay....which makes him 50%
Hotter by my standards!!! YAY!!!
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   452797  
meema says:   19 July 2007   527825  
OMG!! i really like it!! XD
WOHOOOOOO black and white rules!!!!! ^________^!!
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   817759  
Black and white is loooove.
‹=+Kimzie+=› says:   19 July 2007   111976  
^^ black 'n' White, the first colors of the pilgrams clothing, the
first colors of movies, and the fist colors of the :D
darkoekaki says:   19 July 2007   536571  
Rawr_Im_A_Llama says:   19 July 2007   985154  
-Sigh- I love black n' white, it looks so clean and fresh, ^_^
darkoekaki says:   20 July 2007   397124  
Simple and Clean, I prefer.
Orochimaru says:   21 July 2007   192434  
Cute. ^_^
NarutoFan_101 says:   22 July 2007   232685  
omg thats awesome!!!
GaaraGirl34 says:   22 July 2007   343865  
*kidnaps and disappears in a puff of smoke*
ShikaRules says:   22 July 2007   912726  
Wow...I had no idea they like each other...
COOl Oekaki 
StrawBerryLoli says:   22 July 2007   167937  
o_o...Since Anko just had a seizure reading what you said ShikaRules,
I shall speak for her: They do not like eachother =3
Sabreisk says:   22 July 2007   196426  
Orochimaru looks like he's about to cry.
Dorine01 says:   23 July 2007   965593  
SoupQueen says:   23 July 2007   453795  
Orochimaru freaks me out
for some weird reason..
Anyways, aweshome oekaki!!
RinsBFF says :   28 July 2010   635815  
So cute!
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