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Art Explosion.
Uploaded: 7 August 2008
how to draw
I didn't have anything to do, so i just started scribbling.

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elkciP says:   7 August 2008   181961  
It awesome O___O!!
Kaira_LilGirl says:   7 August 2008   524726  
‹† Ammit Eats Dead Souls †› says:   7 August 2008   637699  
Holy Fizzle christ!
‹HelloHow'reYou?› says:   7 August 2008   744196  
Gosh, That's so amazing.
It's just so perfect!
With the eye and the lips and that guy looking fly. WOW.
It's just great! XX
kutie_smile says:   7 August 2008   427127  
woah, cooooool!!!

=] awesome!
‹TrulYandForeveR<3› says:   7 August 2008   878364  
way cool. you have the skill i wish i could have. wanna trade
skills?? jk. lol great job.
karolinacake says:   7 August 2008   378746  
quite the spectacle!
sand_ninja says:   7 August 2008   613389  
LoveIsDead says:   7 August 2008   131335  
Thanks for the comments.

>.>.....I'm really tired.
Only slept 3 hours today.
Grace_Zeigler says:   10 August 2008   128794  
omfg! Im in love with it! :D !!!! *kidnaps*
_emo_chari_ says:   10 August 2008   322466  
holy shit thats awesome!!
burberry_girlie says:   10 August 2008   514823  
I applaud the small amounts of skill put into this and it reassures
me that you do have artist talent. However, emo is not a trend; it's
not a brand of clothes, or a hairstyle or a design standard. Sure, you
have somedramatic flair, but that gets old after a while, don't you
think? I can tell your trying to be a nonconformist, but I'll make
this short: If you wanna be a rebel, then stop being cool. (whoever
can find where that quote comes from gets half my kupi points). By the
way, love can't die. It was never living. Plus, love is more a general
term, so try and be more specific.

p.s. I actually do like your oekaki.
cyber_baby1 says:   10 August 2008   642487  
thats so kool
machidagirl says:   11 August 2008   556971  
‹LilDeidaraGirl› says:   11 August 2008   473237  
WOW! how did you do all of that!? How long did it take....WOW!
LoveIsDead says:   11 August 2008   636289  
@burberry_girlie: Look i wasn't trying to make this look ''emo'' or
whatever. This was just made out of boredom.
I'm not into that whole trend thing.
I was playing around with the textures so i could see what i could do
for future drawings.
As for my username i would rather not get into detail. 
rayj says:   11 August 2008   182231  
thats so freaking cool
‹WE'RE GOING IN THE VAGINAAAA› says:   12 August 2008   446857  
thats amazing,
‹xXBlarggXx› says:   15 August 2008   385888  
Wow thats amazing
Brooke_CoolKid says:   17 August 2008   189374  
This is a hell of an awesome explosion.
Emo_Chick101 says:   12 October 2008   386376  
This is amazing
swim_dory says:   30 October 2008   774824  
oh my GOSH! How do you draw something like that?...and on the
computer! If you ask me that is some awsome "scribbling" with great
texture! :o
GaaraHitachiin says:   31 October 2008   961524  
Wow!!!  That's too awesome! >.<
popsciclexdino says:   19 November 2008   665524  
way cool, man!
mrskullkid says:   16 December 2008   379244  
Awesome+20 right here.
Insanity_MuffinPie says:   16 December 2008   376977  
this scares me

But in an artsy way!
DemonxInxDisguise says:   3 February 2009   943928  
Out of 10? 19842394856230498565986! That is the most awesome thing I
have seen since I went to the P!ATD concert!~
‹♥Aya;;blueangel19♥› says:   11 March 2009   963742  
its cute!
iceicecat says:   18 September 2011   406115  
aww dudeee, thas crazy-ly AMAZIN! :D
‹✖[[AntisocialButterfly]]✖› says:   19 September 2011   978740  
You were pretty stoned when you typed that, huh? 
‹Hallow Bane› says :   24 July 2013   733012  
Damn, you need to scribble more often. That's fucking brilliant.
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