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Effort is Overrated.
Uploaded: 24 July 2008
Since hard work and effort are rarely exhibited, I figured I could half-ass
something and get away with it.
[/biting sarcasm]

Does ANYONE ever try at oekaki anymore?
Or is it now the standard to scribble random shit and post?
What happened to the people who TRIED!?
Maybe I'm being a bitter older user who's sickened by the current state of things,
but really.
I'm entitled.

I didn't try too hard with this, as you can probably guess.
Artblocks suck, so I'm reduced to doodling.

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haku12 says:   24 July 2008   915428  
oh my gosh o_o
4 well drawn oekaki in a row!! this is like once in a blue moon! 
but, wow..! i love this! the contrasting colors make the eyes pop out,
and i like the way you shaded and did the hair. if this is a doodle
for you i wanna see more :D 

*raises hand timidly*i try.. i just dont really succeed. (did i spell
that right?)
The_Fluffy_One says:   24 July 2008   334267  
I love how she has no mouth.
I also like the way her hair is just all... SHWOOSH...
And I simply adore the eyes. It's an overall awesome oekaki.

I also agree with e'ry thing you just said.
Sabukii says:   24 July 2008   962357  
Once in a lifetime more like.
Thank you though.
I'll hopefully churn out some better stuff later.

That's fine, just so long as you're giving effort.
And yeah, that's spelled right.
Sabukii says:   24 July 2008   637818  
Glad you like it!

Neko_Naruto_Luver says:   25 July 2008   976293  
So demonic...but a very beautiful girl!:D
i love your art style!
just cant explain!
The red eyes seem so...i dunno how to say it!TT^TT
gorgous pure beauty!:D
me loves her so much!:'D
‹ikaeros› says:   25 July 2008   726376  
I love your style <3
It's so....soft and the eyes are a great contrast ^^

I agree with what you said.
imation_girl says:   25 July 2008   522435  
u cant seriously say that didnt take effort
The_Fluffy_One says:   25 July 2008   418175  
Girl that just commented; did you read anything?
‹duckie› says:   25 July 2008   616777  
that's awesome!
MARIEx says:   25 July 2008   134841  
Nice oekaki :]

But, to the people who aren't good artists, and are being modest and
saying that their art is "crap", lend them a little slack. Even if
people did try with their oekakis (most likely everyone does), there
still would be no way to stop the people from drawing. Even if
somebody didn't try on an oekaki, and people still loved it, it
wouldn't matter, would it?
‹WE'RE GOING IN THE VAGINAAAA› says:   25 July 2008   362231  
oh wow, i love the colors, very good.
Sabukii says:   25 July 2008   341979  
Neko Naruto Lover-
Aw, thank you!
Means a lot to hear that.

I love playing with contrasts.
Glad they're working!

Imation Girl-
'Course it did take SOME effort.
Just not as much as I put into most of my other stuff.


I think you kind of missed what I was saying there, but I'll still
touch on what you said.
I can understand modesty, to a point.  Seeing someone say that
beautiful work is crap gets old pretty quick and that "modesty" kind
of bites them in the butt.
Well, it kind of would, because chances are if someone loved it,
they'd put effort forward.
red_hot11 says:   25 July 2008   678929  
I Love this and i agree it's hard to find good ones  but this is one
so   good job!!
‹♠therewillbeblood♠› says:   25 July 2008   543172  
if i had some kp and a tablet i'd draw a hell of a lot better....but
sadly, i'm broke for the moment ._. i just hate computer drawing with
a mouse >.< it's gay! if you consider this a doodle i wanna see you at
your best!
Sabukii says:   25 July 2008   698126  
Red Hot-
Thank you!
Hopefully more people will step things up in the future.

I draw with a mouse.
It's not so bad once you get used to it.
xChibixVampirex says:   25 July 2008   568415  
I think this is very amazing! ;]

There are lot's of famed users here on Kupika
that are recognized for their drawing abilities.
Sabukii says:   25 July 2008   817495  
Thank you!

True, and they deserve their notoriety.
‹just a wish<3› says:   29 July 2008   874767  
OMG that has to be more then doddling
‹Goth One› says:   29 July 2008   463382  
so much more unique... i like your style... something about it but i
cant tell what...
beastette says:   29 July 2008   559381  
o my gosh!! i love it!! its soooo awsum!!
its different...which makes it so much more than awsum!!
can i steal this??
im going to steal this...this amazing piece of art!!
lovebird12321 says:   31 July 2008   457836  
that is so sweet
grey says :   5 August 2008   969972  
I try hard at my oekaki!|I think this one is the best one that you
ever made|I was looking through all of 'em, and this one definitely
stands out the most :D
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