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Art trade with AssemblyRequired
Uploaded: 19 June 2008
how to draw
Omigawd, AssemblyRequired is SUCH an awesome artist. My part is SO bad compared to
hers ;^;

Anyways, I believe that these two men are her characters. 

XD They like each other and are currently going out.

Umm, about this oekaki, the background is very random, because I couldn't think of
anything else. The clothing folds are really horrid, but....yeah. Enjoy!

Oopseh. =3=;; AssemblyRequired is a HE.

CRAp. Nevermind. "He's" a SHE. =3=;; I'm an idiot

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pwningMuffin says:   19 June 2008   993411  
The hair is so beautiful.. *o*
Then again, you always draw hair to beautiful. :D
The background is also pretty awesome~
Great joob~!!
Namina says:   19 June 2008   887196  
pshhh dont make me smack you! this is amazing!
Jimpling says:   19 June 2008   415954  
Gosh, I love your backgrounds D:
antidote says:   19 June 2008   377525  
omg great work!!
freaking amazing!!!
fantastic work ;3
khero says:   19 June 2008   377356  
this is the awesomeness soup i want to drink<33
Paradox says:   19 June 2008   496286  
Your drawings have so much life in them. D; <3
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   19 June 2008   826364  
Thank you everyone!
@khero: what?? XD Aren't your people skinny too? 
‹emo-queen› says:   19 June 2008   266358  
'Tis soo pretty! Ha! Yaoi! :DDD
AssemblyRequired says:   19 June 2008   637893  
Your description made me laugh so hard. 
Especially the "They like each other and are currently going out." 

AND WTF. This is not bad compared to anythingggg. ;A; This is so
amazing oh my godddd. It looks like an acrylic painting or something.
Their hairrr and the faces and the clothing you're making me feel so
incredibly jealous. 
You made them look just. Buuuh this is great. I'm saving this akjdfsf
And I want to make this comment even bigger because I love this so
The faces are so gorgeousss I love the noses and the lips and wtf
Okay I'm done.

And the blonde isn't my character, sadlyyy. It's my girlyfriend's. :'
AssemblyRequired says:   19 June 2008   616824  
Okay that's the biggest comment I've ever left I'm pretty sure flkdg.
AssemblyRequired says:   19 June 2008   557538  
Wtf thank you so muchhh for saying I'm a good artist. <333
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   19 June 2008   285893  
>_< THank you
@ AssemblyRequired: Omigawd, Thank you!! ;^; But your part is so
awesome. Can't thank you enough!!!!
XD That IS a long comment isn't it? 
AssemblyRequired says:   19 June 2008   594391  
From leaving all these comments on this, I now have enough kp to draw
another oekaki. :' D 
AssemblyRequired says:   19 June 2008   488684  
Wait wha-- I'm female whatttt. :[
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   19 June 2008   148852  
Wait whhhaaaatTTttt? You said girlfriend XDD 

Opppssssseeeehhhsss. XD I see. So you meant the other kind of
girlfriend. I went through like 10 years of my life thinking that
"girlfriend" only had the romantic meaning XDDD LULZ
AssemblyRequired says:   19 June 2008   382516  
AssemblyRequired says:   19 June 2008   986242  
I'm a girl who has a girlfriend. 
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   19 June 2008   146726  
what, you're gay? XD Hope I'm not being mistaken. 

But, s'all good.
‹Kiwily<3› says:   19 June 2008   665589  
yuyu is such an idiot, horrible.
geez, the second one even has boobs.
what the heck... 
maybe it can dear req-chan and her girlfriend.
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   19 June 2008   286514  
awwwww. Da's meeeeaaan. ;0; *wail*

but I am. XD 

also. He doesn't have boobs. Some piccies draw men with a "line" down
their chest. It's called muscle.
‹Kiwily<3› says:   19 June 2008   385928  
your face is mean. :<
his muscles looks like breasts.
‹XxSadisticMuffinxX› says:   19 June 2008   753133  
wow its so great!
i love it. great work!
‹ERASED› says:   19 June 2008   657253  
Wow. You made so many Oekaki's since I was gone.

Beautiful, I must say. :3
AssemblyRequired says:   20 June 2008   734196  
his muscles look like breasts oh god ffff.
Last time commenting.
I swear.
khero says:   20 June 2008   239795  
@khero: what?? XD Aren't your people skinny too?

yeah but yours are hawt 8D
LOL, your edits
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   20 June 2008   189411  
@kiwilie: you overuse that. What is it, the 10th time?
@shade: Thanks :D
@angelcake: really? Thank you! But why were you gone ;^;?
@assemblyrequired: oh really? XD and if his muscles look lik boobs,
too bad. He still  good looking :D
@khero: yours are too. D: And I can't do cute. you can to no end.
AlexisxAnablephobia says:   22 June 2008   843292  
i love it! :]
CookyCore says:   22 June 2008   893395  
This one is soo nice! :o
‹IcePath› says:   22 June 2008   467964  
ewww yaoi good pic but i done like the stuff >w<
‹The~Labryinth› says:   22 June 2008   252237  
Yaoi is the best!!
its a great picture for Yaoi.
not everyone can draw Yaoi.
Yaoi_Tokio_Hotel says:   22 June 2008   161265  
So cute. 
I would draw Yaoi, but..Iz too hard for me.
I'll just draw Pepperment Larry from Flapjack instead!
: 'D
Yay! :3
...Er... Your awesome! >:U
narutrix says:   23 June 2008   977538  
oooo.... yaoi rules ,good job
AssemblyRequired says:   11 July 2008   944872  
...okay, now I really swear this is the last time I'm commenting. 

I was just quoting Kiwily sjgkfdg I don't think it looks like he has
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   11 July 2008   553718  
Thank you!

XD hahahaha. Thanks!
shani says:   30 October 2008   413913  
Kiwile is so mean she has been to everyone and criticised and not in
a constructive way.
It's not faur and this picture is absolutely gorgeous and I wish that
I could draw like you.
Love it love it love it and you know everyone else does, Love
Misa_Seika says:   16 November 2008   755236  
wow your art is awsome i subscribed cause it was supa awsome ^^ keep
it up ^^
nightfalldream says:   2 December 2008   521942  
So cool, I love especially the blonde haired guy °3°
Rantas says:   22 September 2009   586819  
devilsdaughter5629 says:   22 September 2009   648162  
realy good
LastingHeartBeat says:   22 September 2009   547341  
KonaChan says :   23 September 2009   265663  
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