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This public Oekaki was created by Kushina   ( view profile . send KP ) View all Oekakis by Kushina
Uploaded: 16 May 2008
how to draw
He was supposed to have a body and a hot pink tank top but things didn't turn out
quite right.

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‹VaginaDust› says:   16 May 2008   926838  

*noise bliding*
darkoekaki says:   16 May 2008   636481  
Still looks nice nonetheless.

Keke, pink tank top.
‹Kiwily<3› says:   16 May 2008   936235  
it's still pretty good.
XD saucy indeed.
psycoyami says:   16 May 2008   327314  
Wow, That is awesome. o.o
‹ravieve› says:   16 May 2008   238441  
Saucy >w< it's awesome!! 8D
I love his expression! :O
it's like, 'STFU and leave me alone with mai cookies' ;A;
xDD or something else :3
classe_e_le_yuyu says:   16 May 2008   558799  

<3 cuckatoo~~
Kanashii says:   16 May 2008   768239  
O_O HAWT!!! -drools- ♥
‹☠☻♡えみり エルリック〜!♡☻☠› says:   16 May 2008   581526  
OMG!!!  You are like the best artist in the world!!!!
XxRainbowsxX says:   16 May 2008   914887 cousin will love this!!
momoko101 says:   16 May 2008   151786  
looks so cool kawii to the max!!!!!!!!*
‹ikaeros› says:   16 May 2008   756741  
Yay <3 
Lot's of love for you XD
Ciel_Kitty says:   17 May 2008   424754  
i love your coloring. >:d
‹??????› says:   17 May 2008   637821  
Yep, the coloring rules.

Looks very sausume <33
xExotic says:   17 May 2008   522637  
Really good :D
‹Thoughtful Zombie› says:   19 May 2008   216997  
I love your coloring. It is amazing ^_^
Hikari_san says:   19 May 2008   698641  
Sasuke's kawii.Yeah right. :D
‹[♪MusicAddiction♪]› says:   19 May 2008   377286  
Namina says:   19 May 2008   499588  
omg lol hot pink tank top. lol
‹Ðark Fox› says:   19 May 2008   825681  
it's awesome anyway 
Shorty_9756 says:   19 May 2008   495681  
wow goooooooood
‹tango_fiesta_in_mis_pantelones› says:   19 May 2008   538313  
lol saucey
Random_girl123 says:   19 May 2008   794259  
he's hot! ♣
Tragic_ says:   20 May 2008   147683  
Pretty. o///o
Yoshiko_Saruwatari says:   20 May 2008   448241  
Like, -nosebleed-
Luvesh sasuke~ >D
-kidnapz so no one else can have him-

Liek, MWAH. HA. HA.
karolinacake says:   20 May 2008   497539  
god this is so good, i cant even handle it
and the shadingggggg
kill me
gummi_bearz says:   21 May 2008   614239  
woah....saucy weird!
sweeney_todd_92 says:   23 May 2008   961461  
O-O Holy Shit O-O
That's so cool!!!!!
*kidnaps* ^-^
watermelon says:   24 May 2008   273363  
Sasuke is the hottest thing in the universe!
Great job!
Starr says:   31 May 2009   817469  
Haha, reminds me. My cousin used to call him Sauce-gay. 
xD lmao
‹I'M_HORNY› says:   31 May 2009   767894  

Sasuke is the king of rape XD
Danielle10 says:   31 May 2009   357825  
It's "Sas-gay" LOL
‹♫~♥かわいい♥~♫› says:   13 June 2009   682643  
Pink tank? That would be awesome...
Ten_10 says:   13 June 2009   323959  
heh,ok...sasuke is a lil cute,my friend totally thinks he is the
hottest thing ever,but I'll stick with Neji.
stillina writes:   13 June 2009   148872  
it looks exacly like sasuke b ut the eyes are gray alsoin the end
sasuke woukdnt kill naruto becuase if he did naruto's demon would come
out.(nine tailed fox)
uchihafan says :   21 June 2009   425933  
omg! its so good! *kidnaps*
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